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Ex on the Beach

Ex on the Beach

3 Seasons
QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( En, Fr )
Ten romantically embattled reality stars appear alongside everyday singles who show up for what they think is a run-of-the-mill love and dating show in paradise, only to be completely blindsided by their exes, with whom they come face-to-face.

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Sexualité
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Welcome to Ex On The Beach

    1. Welcome to Ex On The Beach

    10 Reality and social media celebs think they’re on a sexy getaway but paradise turns into a nightmare when their exes start emerging.

    42m 23s EnFr

  • Exed Out

    2. Exed Out

    A new ex arrives with a secret that scandalizes the whole house. One of the exes is voted off the beach.

    41m 23s EnFr

  • Two Exes Don’t Make a Right

    3. Two Exes Don’t Make a Right

    The house must decide who has it worst when one single finds himself caught between 2 exes and another is faced with his most dreaded ex.

    41m 23s EnFr

  • I Wanna Call You Babe

    4. I Wanna Call You Babe

    Angela turns to her ex when she hears about what happened between her current man and someone else.

    41m 22s EnFr

  • Who's Exed Next?

    5. Who's Exed Next?

    In a surprise twist, the exes find themselves with all the power. Derrick schemes and tries to manipulate the house.

    41m 23s EnFr

  • Bye Alicia, Hi Alicia

    6. Bye Alicia, Hi Alicia

    Cory’s Ex, Alicia, returns and sends the house into chaos. An ex is sent to the beach for the first time.

    41m 23s EnFr

  • Party Foul

    7. Party Foul

    Cast members from various reality television shows and first time reality participants living together in Hawaii with their exes.

    41m 22s EnFr

  • Monster Mode

    8. Monster Mode

    Jasmine is tempted to bring a new man into the mix and kick someone else out; Alicia rips into Cory.

    41m 23s EnFr

  • You Can't Handle the Truth

    9. You Can't Handle the Truth

    Cory and Taylor's relationship is pushed into the danger zone; a comment triggers a fight.

    41m 23s EnFr

  • Return of All the Exes

    10. Return of All the Exes

    Everyone is shocked when the eliminated exes return; a game of Dare or Double Dare takes a turn.

    41m 22s EnFr

  • Can You Ever Get Over Your Ex?

    11. Can You Ever Get Over Your Ex?

    A trip to the SOS threatens to break up a newly reunited couple; Chase's love games come to a head.

    41m 3s EnFr

  • Welcome to the Relations*** Show

    100. Welcome to the Relations*** Show

    Johnny Bananas and Natalie from Big Brother introduce MTV’s newest series Ex On The Beach.

    41m 3s En