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Family Tree

Family Tree

1 Season
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Jobless Tom Chadwick has lost his sense of self. But a mysterious box of curios might hold the answers to the person Tom really is. The box, bequeathed to him by a great aunt, inspires Tom to start investigating his lineage.

  • 18+
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  • The Box

    1. The Box

    Tom seeks information about a black-and-white photo found in the chest.

    25m 53s

  • Treading the Boards

    2. Treading the Boards

    Tom and Pete learn about Harry's life from men at a regional theater.

    27m 44s

  • The Austerity Games

    3. The Austerity Games

    Bea and Monk audition to perform at a birthday party; Tom seeks information about his grandfather.

    27m 7s

  • Country Life

    4. Country Life

    Tom has a job interview; Tom plans to learn more about the Derbyshire branch of his family tree.

    27m 0s

  • Welcome to America

    5. Welcome to America

    Tom arrives in Los Angeles to stay with his American cousins; Al plans a family barbecue.

    26m 44s

  • Civil War

    6. Civil War

    Tom's cousin Rick helps him find out more about his great-great-grandfather.

    27m 43s

  • Indians

    7. Indians

    Tom discovers that his great-great-grandmother may have been Native American.

    25m 56s

  • Cowboys

    8. Cowboys

    Bea, Monk and Pete go to the beach; Tom meets a cousin whose grandfather was in silent films.

    26m 51s