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Fast 'N Loud

Fast 'N Loud

2 Seasons
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Motor mastermind Richard Rawlings and mechanical prodigy Aaron Kaufmann of Gas Monkey Garage search for derelict classic cars. To some, the cars look like rust buckets, but to this crew they're gold…and ready to be brought back to life.

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  • Model A Madness

    1. Model A Madness

    A 1931 hot rod becomes a project in the debut of a series in which vintage automobiles are restored and customized.

    42m 4s

  • Awesome Aussies and Olds

    2. Awesome Aussies and Olds

    Richard and Aaron find a '55 Chevy Bel Air and a 1950 Oldsmobile Coupe Rocket 88 which had been well-kept in a garage for over 50 years.

    42m 6s

  • Monkey Business Dragster

    3. Monkey Business Dragster

    Richard and Aaron stumble upon a diamond in the rough: a 1960s Gasser that Richard wants to race.

    42m 5s

  • Double Trouble Galaxie

    4. Double Trouble Galaxie

    With an auction coming up, Richard and Aaron go looking for a 1964 Galaxie.

    42m 1s

  • Low Riding Lincoln

    5. Low Riding Lincoln

    A '70 Lincoln Continental Mark III is turned into a muscle car; a '68 Ford pickup is restored.

    42m 5s

  • Frankensteined Ford

    6. Frankensteined Ford

    A '77 Trans Am and a '67 Cadillac are featured. Also: Two unlikely vehicles are merged together.

    42m 5s

  • Amazing Impala

    7. Amazing Impala

    Richard and Aaron take a road trip to pick up a 1964 Impala buried in at least ten years of dirt and debris.

    41m 35s

  • Ramshackle Rambler

    8. Ramshackle Rambler

    Richard and Aaron head to Amarillo to pick up a '59 Rambler, but when they get there, they discover it's covered in rust.

    42m 7s

  • '48 Chevy Fleetmaster

    9. '48 Chevy Fleetmaster

    Richard and his crew try to "knock the ugly" out of a '48 Chevy Fleetmaster.

    41m 36s

  • One of a Kind Woodill

    10. One of a Kind Woodill

    A Woodill Wildfire is featured.

    42m 3s

  • Holy Grail Hot Rod

    12. Holy Grail Hot Rod

    A rare '32 Ford, a '64 Econoline van and an '89 Shelby pickup are featured.

    42m 30s

  • Apache/ Road To Chopper Live - Part 1

    13. Apache/ Road To Chopper Live - Part 1

    Richard picks up a '59 Chev Apache Shortbed truck in need of some Gas Monkey love.

    42m 4s

  • Apache / Road To Chopper Live - Part 2

    14. Apache / Road To Chopper Live - Part 2

    Richard finds a '64 Lincoln on the old "interweb" and does his shirt on the deal.

    42m 34s