Finding Carter
Finding Carter

Finding Carter

2 Seasons
14+, L, M
QC: 13+
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Teenage Carter Stevens is confident, pretty and popular, traits that are usually handy in navigating high-school life. But nothing prepares her for the punch-to-the-gut news that comes out of an investigation into a party: Carter was abducted when she was 3, and the teen must return to her biological family, who thought she was gone forever. As Carter tries to forge a new life with her real mom and dad, a twin sister and a younger brother -- and adjust to a new school and town -- she vows to protect the single mother who raised her and is now sought by police.


Maturity Rating

  • Cast

    • Kathryn Prescott
    • Cynthia Watros
    • Alexis Denisof
    • Anna Jacoby-Heron
    • Milena Govich
    • Zac Pullam
  • Executive Producers

    • Terri Minsky
    • Deborah Spera
    • Maria Grasso
    • Alexander Motlagh
  • Creator

    • Emily Silver