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Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam

8 Seasons
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This animated children's program follows the adventures of the title hero and his colleagues as they protect the citizens of the Welsh town of Pontypandy. Whenever the alarm sounds, brave Sam and his co-workers can be counted on to jump into a fire engine, hop onto a helicopter, or even launch an inflatable lifeboat to battle blazes, mount rescue missions, or provide medical attention to those in need. The episodes not only teach valuable lessons on fire safety to young viewers, but reinforce the importance of staying calm during an emergency.
Animation, Adventure, Kids

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  • Kite

    1. Kite

    Strong winds blow Sarah and James's kite up a little higher than expected.

    9m 48s

  • Barn Fire

    2. Barn Fire

    Before he can help Sarah and James pick potatoes, Sam must put out a fire at Pandy Lane Farm.

    9m 52s

  • Trevor's Training

    3. Trevor's Training

    Trevor is thrown into the deep end on his first day in the brigade.

    9m 50s

  • Flat Tyre

    4. Flat Tyre

    It's Sam to the rescue when Trevor's flat tire causes delays to Pontypandy's bus service.

    9m 34s

  • Camping

    5. Camping

    Uncle Sam, Sarah and James discover how an oily rag and a frog are connected to camping.

    9m 52s

  • Norman's Tricky Day

    6. Norman's Tricky Day

    Norman is up to his old tricks again.

    9m 38s

  • Lost Cat

    7. Lost Cat

    Saturdays are busy enough for Bella without having to deal with chip pan fires and lost cats.

    9m 50s

  • Telly Trouble

    8. Telly Trouble

    Station Officer Steele becomes a TV star.

    9m 18s

  • Treasure Hunt

    9. Treasure Hunt

    For Sarah and James, all ideas of treasure hunting get washed away when they accidentally burst the park water mains

    9m 52s

  • Sam’s Day Off

    10. Sam’s Day Off

    Sam’s Popcorn machine seems just the ticket for going to the pictures…until it suffers from a high degree of flumbustication!

    9m 47s

  • Thief in Pontypandy

    11. Thief in Pontypandy

    Fireman Sam’s mislaid his watch; Dilys has lost her earrings; Bella’s necklace has disappeared! Can Sam solve the mystery?

    9m 53s

  • Chemistry Set

    12. Chemistry Set

    Norman’s dream of making ‘the pongiest stink bomb in the world’ backfires when Dilys sticks her nose into his laboratory.

    9m 51s