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For Glowing Hearts

For Glowing Hearts

1 Season
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For Glowing Hearts, presented by Destination Canada, is a travel series that's all about connection. Follow Mary Berg, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Tessa Virtue, and Tyrone Edwards as they each explore some of the country's best travel destinations. From St. John's to Yellowknife, they uncover hidden gems and meet the people who make each place so unique. Note: Travel occurred in winter 2019/2020 prior to COVID-19. Some experiences might be different to how they appear in the episodes. Explore more of the friendly faces, iconic places and rich cultures that make up Canada at
Travel, Documentary, Reality

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  • Mary Berg

    1. Mary Berg

    CTV’s Mary Berg (Mary’s Kitchen Crush) ventures to Calgary and is enchanted by the people cooking up the tastes of the city.

    3m 56s En

  • Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

    2. Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

    Actor and model Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman immerses himself in the welcoming and vibrant LGBTQ+ community of St. John’s Newfoundland.

    4m 20s En

  • Tessa Virtue

    3. Tessa Virtue

    World Champion figure skater Tessa Virtue travels to Yellowknife to experience the rich wonders and traditions of the Northern communities.

    4m 30s En

  • Tyrone Edwards

    4. Tyrone Edwards

    In Ottawa, etalk’s Tyrone Edwards meets up with musicians Silla + Rise to explore the mosaic of old and new traditions the city offers.

    5m 6s En

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