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From the Earth to the Moon

From the Earth to the Moon

1 Season
QC:  8+
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Tracing the story of the landmark Apollo expeditions to the moon during the 1960s and early 1970s.
History, Action, Drama

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • Can We Do This?

    1. Can We Do This?

    The Mercury and Gemini missions begin the U.S. effort to land on the moon.

    59m 48s En

  • Apollo One

    2. Apollo One

    Apollo's first three astronauts are killed during a prelaunch test; the ship's designers scramble to save the lunar program.

    59m 58s En

  • We Have Cleared the Tower

    3. We Have Cleared the Tower

    As film crew documents everything, the crew and the control team make their preparations for the first manned Apollo launch.

    59m 37s En

  • 1968

    4. 1968

    NASA boldly attempts to fly men around the moon and back, while the United States suffers through traumatic events.

    54m 0s En

  • Spider

    5. Spider

    Engineers work with NASA and the Apollo 9 astronauts in designing and building a lunar spacecraft that will put the first humans on the moon

    56m 9s En

  • Mare Tranquilitas

    6. Mare Tranquilitas

    Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon in the Apollo 11 mission.

    56m 0s En

  • That's All There Is

    7. That's All There Is

    Rookie astronaut Alan Bean ends up piloting the lunar module for the second moon landing when a colleague is killed.

    49m 6s En

  • We Interrupt This Program

    8. We Interrupt This Program

    Tensions rise among members of the NASA press corps during coverage of the Apollo 13 accident.

    48m 49s En

  • For Miles and Miles

    9. For Miles and Miles

    Alan Shepard is delegated to a desk job because of inner-ear problems, until successful surgery allows him to return to the space program.

    49m 43s En

  • Galileo Was Right

    10. Galileo Was Right

    Geologist Lee Silver assists Dave Scott and his Apollo 15 crew in becoming field observers on the moon.

    55m 13s En

  • The Original Wives Club

    11. The Original Wives Club

    The astronauts' wives attempt to deal with being in the national spotlight while holding down the home front.

    57m 0s En

  • Le Voyage Dans la Lune

    12. Le Voyage Dans la Lune

    Apollo 17 is NASA's last manned trip to the moon before 2000.

    1h 1m 1s En