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Gold Rush

Gold Rush

5 Seasons
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In the face of the economic meltdown, six men will risk everything to strike it rich mining for gold in Alaska. Todd Hoffman of Sandy, Oregon, along with his father, are leading a group of greenhorn miners in search of the American dream and a new frontier.

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  • No Guts No Glory

    1. No Guts No Glory

    When the going gets tough, the tough seek new frontiers; six recession-hit patriots become miners.

    43m 34s

  • Gold, Guns and Bears

    2. Gold, Guns and Bears

    A mechanical accident threatens to close the greenhorn mining season.

    43m 35s

  • Running Dirt

    3. Running Dirt

    The crew races to set up the mining plant and start running dirt; tensions build.

    43m 33s

  • The Ultimate Price

    4. The Ultimate Price

    The team tries to run dirt through a wash plant; families question the lack of gold; tension builds.

    43m 33s

  • The Pain Barrier

    5. The Pain Barrier

    The equipment malfunctions and the operation is brought to a halt.

    43m 33s

  • Gold Fever

    6. Gold Fever

    The miners need to find $10,000 worth of gold or their families will be sent home.

    43m 34s

  • Going For Broke

    7. Going For Broke

    Gold recovery expert tries to help; Todd discovers a flaw in the equipment.

    43m 34s

  • Bad Blood

    8. Bad Blood

    The claim's owner brings in a veteran outsider to turn the operation around.

    43m 33s

  • Bedrock or Bust

    9. Bedrock or Bust

    To get to the bedrock and gold, Todd and Jack try to dig deeper.

    43m 34s

  • Never Say Die

    10. Never Say Die

    The glory hole caves in around the 100,000 pound excavator; Jack puts his life on the line.

    43m 33s

  • Full Disclosure

    11. Full Disclosure

    The Hoffman crew reveals what went wrong and what they plan to do next season to find gold.

    43m 32s