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Harry & His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Harry & His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

1 Season
QC:  8+
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  • CRAVE ( En )
A preschool boy named Harry receives a bucket full of toy dinosaurs. This bucket holds a secret --- by using its power, Harry can travel with his dinosaurs to an amazing land of imagination called Dino World.
Pre-School, Animation, Kids

  • C8

  • QC: 8+


  • What’s Thunder?

    1. What’s Thunder?

    Stuck indoors watching a storm from his bedroom window, Harry wonders what exactly causes thunder and lightning to happen.

    11m 2s En

  • Once Upon a Time

    2. Once Upon a Time

    Harry needs a green crayon to illustrate his story about a naughty Troll, but he finds Sam unwilling to share her art supplies with him.

    11m 2s En

  • Superheroes Don’t Dance!

    3. Superheroes Don’t Dance!

    Harry and his friend Charley play a game of superheroes together.

    11m 2s En

  • I Love Strawberries!

    4. I Love Strawberries!

    Harry really wants to eat the strawberries growing in the garden but Mom warns him that they will not be ripe for another week.

    11m 2s En

  • I Wish I Could Fly!

    5. I Wish I Could Fly!

    When Harry loses his helium balloon he wishes that he had the ability to fly.

    11m 2s En

  • What A Cold Nose!

    6. What A Cold Nose!

    Whilst Nana and Harry are dog sitting for an afternoon, Harry decides to take the puppy for a walk in Dino World.

    11m 2s En

  • Can I Help?

    7. Can I Help?

    Harry wishes he could help out more with the decorating and so goes to Dino World to see if he can practice his skills there.

    11m 2s En

  • Harry, Bug Hunter!

    8. Harry, Bug Hunter!

    Harry sets out amongst the vegetable garden in search of bugs, as if he were exploring the jungle.

    11m 2s En

  • Zoom!

    9. Zoom!

    Planning the best vacation ever is a little tricky when there are so many tastes to please.

    11m 2s En

  • I’m King Harry!

    10. I’m King Harry!

    Harry jumps in his bucket to Dino World to embark on a noble quest to find Nana’s missing glasses.

    11m 2s En

  • Mirror Mirror!

    11. Mirror Mirror!

    While looking in the mirror one day Harry and his dino friends try to imagine what it would be like to step through it.

    11m 2s En

  • Splash!

    12. Splash!

    When Harry’s bath toy Ducky falls into his magical Bucket, Harry and his dino friends waste no time before, jumping in to find her.

    11m 2s En

  • I Want To Go Faster!

    13. I Want To Go Faster!

    Driving along in the car with his family. Harry wishes they could go faster.

    11m 2s En

  • Two Plus Two Makes Four

    14. Two Plus Two Makes Four

    Harry sets off to Dino world in search of the right answer to a tricky math question.

    11m 2s En

  • My Tooth Has Come Out!

    15. My Tooth Has Come Out!

    When Harry’s first tooth comes out, Harry places it under his pillow and waits for a visit from the legendary Tooth Fairy.

    11m 2s En

  • Costume Party

    16. Costume Party

    Harry and his friend Charley are invited to a Costume Party, and there’s a prize for the best costume.

    11m 2s En

  • Harry The Explorer

    17. Harry The Explorer

    Keen to discover the undiscovered, 'Harry The Explorer' and his Dinosaurs go to Dino World to see what new territory they can conquer.

    11m 2s En

  • I Wish It Were Yesterday

    18. I Wish It Were Yesterday

    Harry really enjoyed yesterday’s fun-packed day out and wishes it were yesterday again.

    11m 2s En

  • I See A Seashell!

    19. I See A Seashell!

    While Harry plays on the beach, he comes across a shell that would make the perfect castle decoration.

    11m 2s En

  • Jump

    20. Jump

    Shooting hoops in his driveway with pal Charley, Harry gets a taste of the high life and when the rain puts a stop to his game.

    11m 2s En

  • Yeehaw

    21. Yeehaw

    Harry and the Dinos are playing cowboys in the sandbox when Nana calls Harry in for his bath.

    11m 2s En

  • Somebody’s Moving

    22. Somebody’s Moving

    It’s snowing and some of Harry’s neighbours are moving house.

    11m 2s En

  • Is That Really A Lamp?

    23. Is That Really A Lamp?

    Harry and the Dinos venture into Dino World in search of a Magic Lamp, hoping they’ll find a genie who can make their wishes come true.

    11m 2s En

  • Aaarrggh Treasure!

    24. Aaarrggh Treasure!

    Captain Harry and his Dino pirate crew set sail for an island in search of buried treasure.

    11m 2s En

  • Hurray for Pizza!

    25. Hurray for Pizza!

    Why don’t they make peanut butter and banana pizzas?

    11m 2s En

  • Harry The Inventor

    26. Harry The Inventor

    Harry decides he wants to be an inventor and takes a trip to Dinoworld in search of inspiration.

    11m 2s En

  • Join The Parade

    27. Join The Parade

    Harry and the Dinos form a marching band and take a trip to Dino World to perform in the National Dino Day parade.

    11m 2s En

  • Choo Choo

    28. Choo Choo

    Harry and the Dinos have an adventure on the Dino World Express.

    11m 2s En

  • Cool Shadow!

    29. Cool Shadow!

    Harry and the Dinos are having a great time making shadow puppets in Harry’s bedroom – until their shadows disappear into Dino World.

    11m 2s En

  • Do You Like My Tent?

    30. Do You Like My Tent?

    Harry and the Dinos have set up camp in the living room and it reminds Mom of the time when she went camping with the Nature Guides.

    11m 2s En

  • Home!

    31. Home!

    Harry and the Dinos are having a whale of a time on the Dino World roller coaster – but it’s time to go home.

    11m 2s En

  • It’s An Alien!

    32. It’s An Alien!

    When Harry and the Dinos go to Dino World in search of extra-terrestrial life, they’re excited when a bonafide alien arrives.

    11m 2s En

  • I Want To Make A Movie

    33. I Want To Make A Movie

    Harry wants to make a movie like you see in theatres – a movie with a great story!

    11m 2s En

  • Jungle Harry

    34. Jungle Harry

    Harry is ‘Jungle Harry’, King of the Jungle and friend to all the jungle animals (otherwise known as the Dinos).

    11m 2s En

  • Emergency!

    35. Emergency!

    Trike has a bad case of tinselitis after using glitter paint to decorate Harry’s toy castle.

    11m 2s En

  • Dino Snap

    36. Dino Snap

    Harry is playing Dino Snap with Nana and realises that one of the Megalosaurus cards has gone missing.

    11m 2s En

  • I’ve Got the Giggles

    37. I’ve Got the Giggles

    Harry’s got the giggles and they’re contagious!

    11m 2s En

  • I’m Really Hot

    38. I’m Really Hot

    It’s a sweltering day and Harry and the Dinos are suffering in the heat.

    11m 2s En

  • Silly Pencil

    39. Silly Pencil

    Harry is trying to draw a castle, but is having trouble getting his pencil to draw a straight line.

    11m 2s En

  • Now You See Me…

    40. Now You See Me…

    Harry isn’t having much luck trying to hide from the Dinos when they play hide and seek, as they always manage to find him!

    11m 2s En

  • It’s An Elephant-Ostrich

    41. It’s An Elephant-Ostrich

    What do you get when you cross a zebra and a rhinoceros?

    11m 2s En

  • My Hair Is Short

    42. My Hair Is Short

    Harry has a new hair cut, but he thinks that Mom has cut it a little too short.

    11m 2s En

  • School’s Out

    43. School’s Out

    When Harry comes home with exciting tales from his day at school, the Dinos wish that they could go to school too.

    11m 1s En

  • Where Did the Wind Go?

    44. Where Did the Wind Go?

    Harry and the Dinos want to fly their kite, but with no sign of a breeze they are struggling to get it off the ground.

    11m 2s En

  • There’s Got To Be Something

    45. There’s Got To Be Something

    The Dinos are helping Harry look through his old toys for something he can give to Charley’s new baby cousin.

    11m 2s En

  • That’s Strong

    46. That’s Strong

    Nana is having a clear-out and Sam is helping her carry some heavy boxes to the car to take to the school jumble sale.

    11m 2s En

  • What’s a Quest?

    47. What’s a Quest?

    Harry is curious to know what a ‘quest’ is after he sees Sam reading a book about Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleece.

    11m 2s En

  • What Does The Key Open?

    48. What Does The Key Open?

    After giving Mom a necklace with a key-shaped pendant on it, Harry and his Dino pals are dying to know what the key opens.

    11m 2s En

  • Blast Off

    49. Blast Off

    When Harry and the Dinos learn that groups of stars make pictures called constellations, they decide to investigate further!

    11m 2s En

  • Space Captain Harry

    50. Space Captain Harry

    Having successfully located the dino constellations, Harry and the gang have returned home safely from their space adventure.

    11m 2s En

  • Let’s Go to Africa

    51. Let’s Go to Africa

    Charley is taking her African drum to Show and Tell and Harry wants to take something really exciting to present as well.

    11m 2s En

  • Where’s My Penguin?

    52. Where’s My Penguin?

    Harry has something very special to take to Show and Tell: the paper penguin that Nana made for him.

    11m 2s En