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Hate Thy Neighbor

Hate Thy Neighbor

1 Season
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With the far-right on the rise around the world, comedian Jamali Maddix goes on a tour to confront groups spreading hate across the world.

  • 14+


  • America's Far White

    1. America's Far White

    Jamali meets the largest Neo-Nazi group in America.

    45m 49s

  • Hunting the White Devil

    2. Hunting the White Devil

    Jamali goes to Harlem, NY to meet black separatists.

    44m 34s

  • Football, Fascists, and the Frontline

    3. Football, Fascists, and the Frontline

    Jamali meets with Azov, a far-right militant group in Ukraine.

    44m 15s

  • Forbidden Love in Israel

    4. Forbidden Love in Israel

    Jamali travels to Israel to meet the anti-assimilation group, Lehava.

    44m 52s

  • Sweden's Far Right Youth

    5. Sweden's Far Right Youth

    Jamali meets the Nordic Youth who patrol the streets of Sweden.

    44m 9s

  • Britain's Everyday Extremism

    6. Britain's Everyday Extremism

    Jamali comes home to Britain to confront racism in the shadow of Brexit.

    44m 21s