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Head Case

Head Case

2 Seasons
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Therapist to the stars Dr. Elizabeth Goode uses unconventional therapies to treat her high-maintenance patients in the office suite she shares with hapless Dr. Myron Finkelstein and receptionist/"celebrity ambassadress" Lola Buckingham.

  • 14+
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  • Nudity
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  • Live and Let Diet

    1. Live and Let Diet

    Dr. Goode avoids advances from her ex; Jeff Goldblum is a new patient.

    25m 0s

  • El Finks

    2. El Finks

    Combative sessions with Richard Kind and Lea Thompson; "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry.

    23m 50s

  • A Tard for All Seasons

    3. A Tard for All Seasons

    Andy Dick struggles with the bottle and time management; Pamela Adlon's session is compromised.

    23m 37s

  • Goode Vibes

    4. Goode Vibes

    Dr. Goode convinces Joel Madden there is more to life than music; Dr. Finkelstein has a visitor.

    26m 14s

  • Parental Guidance Required

    5. Parental Guidance Required

    Dr. Goode's parents visit; Ahmet Zappa brings a gift to a session.

    23m 38s

  • Come Together

    6. Come Together

    Oliver Goode visits his daughter's practice; Monica Potter suffers from mistaken identity.

    27m 24s

  • Best Laid Plans

    7. Best Laid Plans

    Trudie Styler has a unique emergency; Jason Lewis has his manhood questioned

    25m 39s

  • Dreading Bells

    8. Dreading Bells

    Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer Finnigan try to fire Dr. Goode.

    24m 19s

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Head Case Season 1 Trailer

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