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Healthy is Hot

Healthy is Hot

1 Season
QC:  8+
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  • CRAVE ( En )
Healthy is Hot has grown from a hashtag to a successful blog and podcast, and now, to a TV series. Founder, fitness guru, and nature lover Chloe Wilde takes viewers on a life-changing journey for the mind, body, and soul. The series showcases Chloe’s journey as she tackles fears, indulges in new foods, gives back to charity, and more. Each episode is dedicated to learning and practicing different elements that promote personal growth and make up a healthy lifestyle and is set to inspire new resolutions, endless possibilities and exciting opportunities for healthier and happier living.

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • Healthy Is... Tapping into Your Inner Wild Child

    1. Healthy Is... Tapping into Your Inner Wild Child

    Chloe reconnects with nature challenging herself physically while also resetting her mind through forest bathing, surfing and beach clean-up

    15m 39s En

  • Healthy Is... Facing Your Fears

    2. Healthy Is... Facing Your Fears

    Chloe faces her fears without knowing the two very different challenges. Will she take a bungee jumping plunge or sing in a music club?

    16m 15s En

  • Healthy Is... Plant Power

    3. Healthy Is... Plant Power

    Chloe indulges in a vegan food crawl to taste and learn about the ethically-sourced food movement. Plus a sanctuary for rescued farm animals

    13m 55s En

  • Healthy Is... Giving Back

    4. Healthy Is... Giving Back

    Chloe dedicates time to give back at innovative charity Save on Meats, a popular diner that serves 1200 meals a day to those in need.

    9m 31s En

  • Healthy Is... Being A Leader

    5. Healthy Is... Being A Leader

    Chloe hangs with teenage water activist Autumn Peltier. More than Canada’s Greta Thuneberg, she’s a remarkable leader in her own right.

    13m 11s En

  • Healthy Is... A Happy Headspace

    6. Healthy Is... A Happy Headspace

    Chloe knows good health extends to a healthy mind. She learns the power of meditation and uses tech to see her mind from a new point of view

    12m 28s En