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Heavy Rescue: 401

Heavy Rescue: 401

3 Seasons
QC:  G
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Because closure is not an option on Canada's busiest highways, it's up to the heavy rescue teams to keep them open through the worst of the winter driving season. This series, based on Discovery's hit "Highway to Hell," rides along with crews from multiple major tow operators, rescue, and maintenance crews day and night who keep Ontario's 400-series highways operating at any cost. From Sarnia eastbound to Toronto and north to Barrie, the cast of heroes work diligently to safeguard the country's most important trade route with the U.S. from grinding to a crippling halt through any weather condition.

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  • QC: G


  • Shock and Awe

    1. Shock and Awe

    A semi-truck crash shuts down a crucial border route; a tanker wreck causes chaos in Toronto.

    45m 53s En

  • War Zone

    2. War Zone

    Rookie Sonny faces a 40-car pile-up that turns a major highway into a war zone.

    45m 53s En

  • All Around Us

    3. All Around Us

    A courier truck rolls over; a vicious storm puts Mark in the middle of a crash zone.

    45m 52s En

  • Anything Can Happen

    4. Anything Can Happen

    A semi smashed into a building; a tractor-trailer crashed in deep mud.

    45m 53s En

  • A Load of Problems

    5. A Load of Problems

    Gary's team fights to upright a battered trailer; a rookie's first shot as lead rotator operator.

    45m 53s En

  • Honour Guard

    6. Honour Guard

    Kyle tangles with a wreck that will prove if he can lead the team; Sonny heads to a jackknife scene.

    45m 54s En

  • Nerves of Steel

    7. Nerves of Steel

    A whiteout pile-up scatters heavy I-beams across the highway, testing James and his crew.

    45m 54s En

  • My Way or the Highway

    8. My Way or the Highway

    Steve cleans up a fuel spill blocking the 400; Sonny struggles to keep the alternate route moving.

    45m 53s En

  • Worlds Apart

    9. Worlds Apart

    Members of the Highway Thru Hell crew join the 401 crew to compare unique challenges of recovery.

    45m 53s En