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Hillbilly Handfishin'

Hillbilly Handfishin'

1 Season
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Who needs a tackle box, bait and rod to bag catfish when bare hands and feet reel 'em in just as well? With years of experience and unbridled enthusiasm for a sport that many Americans don't understand, Skipper Bivins and Trent Jackson are experts at it.
Reality, Nature

  • PG


  • Catfish Are Wicked Cute

    1. Catfish Are Wicked Cute

    New noodlers include best friends from Boston, California siblings and Chicago police officers.

    43m 7s

  • Come on You Noodling Diva!

    2. Come on You Noodling Diva!

    Two friends from Atlanta; brothers-in-law from Phoenix; Oklahoma newly weds.

    43m 5s

  • Say Hello to My Little Friend

    3. Say Hello to My Little Friend

    Two New Yorkers; a father and daughter; an older couple.

    43m 9s

  • Kansas Girls Do It Better

    4. Kansas Girls Do It Better

    Friends from Charleston; moms from Kansas; firefighters from Virginia.

    43m 8s

  • Win One for the Skipper

    5. Win One for the Skipper

    Two socialites; college basketball players; newlyweds.

    43m 3s

  • A Laugh, a Scream and a Giggle

    6. A Laugh, a Scream and a Giggle

    A mother and daughter from Boston; co-workers from Maryland; a pair of metrosexuals.

    43m 4s

  • Chillaxin' With Jackson

    7. Chillaxin' With Jackson

    Baltimore housewives, fishmongers from Chicago, and two self-professed nerds wade into the waters.

    43m 9s

  • Bragging Rights

    8. Bragging Rights

    Chicago best friends; friends from Louisiana; brothers from Annapolis.

    43m 5s

  • Bad to the Bone

    9. Bad to the Bone

    Sisters from Beverly Hills; two brainiacs from Berkeley; tattoo mavens from Kentucky.

    43m 8s

  • No Strings Attached

    10. No Strings Attached

    Massachusetts models, college buddies and an unhappily married couple try to nab catfish.

    42m 11s

  • I Want the Big One

    11. I Want the Big One

    Dallas socialites, French chefs and a California schoolteacher wade into the catfish-rich waters.

    42m 12s

  • Get Back Lorretta

    12. Get Back Lorretta

    Mothers and their children try their hand at noodling; Australian rugby players test their reflexes.

    42m 12s

  • Shake, Rattle, and Roll

    13. Shake, Rattle, and Roll

    Rockers, Las Vegas showgirls and a pair of Southern policemen wade into the waters.

    42m 7s

  • Barin' It All

    14. Barin' It All

    After weeks of taking out city slickers into the wilds of Oklahoma, handfishin' experts Skipper and Jackson have seen it all.

    42m 9s