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Hit The Road

Hit The Road

1 Season
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America's finest family band that you've never heard of - yet! This chaotically dysfunctional family of would-be rock/pop stars traverse the country in a cramped tour bus sacrificing privacy, comfort and dignity while in search of fame and fortune.

  • 18+
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Mature Themes

  • 16+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Sexualité
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

    1. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

    Led by parents Ken & Meg, a chaotically dysfunctional family band traverses the country in a cramped tour bus in search of fame & fortune.

    31m 26s En

  • Just the Two of Us

    2. Just the Two of Us

    After Ken makes a critical miscalculation, the Swallow family pairs off in an attempt to win air time on a talent search television show.

    28m 11s En

  • Jammin'

    3. Jammin'

    The Swallows attempt to button up their act to participate in a family-friendly music festival.

    27m 0s En

  • School Spirit

    4. School Spirit

    Ria fights for control over the Swallow family's upcoming performance at a college campus as Ken and Meg try to reclaim their cool.

    28m 58s En

  • Gone Daddy, Gone

    5. Gone Daddy, Gone

    After receiving unfortunate news about the health of Ken's estranged father, James (Richard Dreyfuss), the Swallow family pays him a visit.

    29m 41s En

  • Tears on My Pillow

    6. Tears on My Pillow

    When a flat tire sidelines the Swallows, they are taken in by another family.

    29m 9s En

  • It's My Party

    7. It's My Party

    The family forgets Meg's birthday, prompting Ken to plan a night at a hotel for just the two of them. But Meg has other celebration plans.

    27m 54s En

  • Rehab

    8. Rehab

    The Swallows go to extreme lengths to track down a drug-addicted music executive who offered to sign the band to her label.

    29m 27s En

  • Kush

    9. Kush

    After lying to the kids about the existence of a band manager named Robert Kushman, Ken is forced to hire an actor to play the part.

    27m 4s En

  • Miracles Happen Every Day

    10. Miracles Happen Every Day

    Ken winds up in the hospital, where he meets a young patient.

    29m 7s En