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House of Lies

House of Lies

5 Seasons
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A subversive, scathing look at a self-loathing management consultant from a top-tier firm.

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Mature Themes


  • Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments

    1. Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments

    Marty and The Pod travel to a New York bank looking for a plan to justify their year-end bonuses.

    33m 22s

  • Amsterdam

    2. Amsterdam

    Marty and The Pod go to Phoenix to clean up a mess at a sports franchise caused the the owners.

    28m 49s

  • Microphallus

    3. Microphallus

    Marty discovers Greg Norbert is announcing the possible acquisition of Galweather.

    28m 51s

  • Mini-Mogul

    4. Mini-Mogul

    Marty brings Roscoe to his next job in San Francisco; Jeannie reacts to her recent engagement.

    28m 44s

  • Utah

    5. Utah

    Jeannie is put in charge during a consultation; Clyde works on a Morman woman.

    28m 24s

  • Our Descent Into Los Angeles

    6. Our Descent Into Los Angeles

    Marty battles his son's school; a stripper reappears in Marty's life; Jeannie gets cold feet.

    28m 22s

  • Bareback Town

    7. Bareback Town

    Marty tries to stay monogamous while on the road; Jeannie must take one for the team.

    27m 27s

  • Veritas

    8. Veritas

    Marty and the Pod participate in a recruiting event; Doug tries to prove he can coach candidates.

    28m 49s

  • Ouroboros

    9. Ouroboros

    A rival firm puts Marty through the ringer; Jeannie fails to keep the marriage a secret.

    28m 46s

  • Prologue and Aftermath

    10. Prologue and Aftermath

    Jeannie leads the Pod to her hometown; Marty enters into a custody mediation.

    28m 19s

  • Business

    11. Business

    Marty and "The Rainmaker" work to stop the acquisition; Roscoe gives Marty attitude.

    29m 3s

  • The Mayan Apocalypse

    12. The Mayan Apocalypse

    Marty and the Pod pull off an 11th-hour reprieve; Jeannie makes a decision about Wes.

    28m 56s