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I Married a Mobster

I Married a Mobster

2 Seasons
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This docu-series, narrated by Lorraine Bracco, gives viewers an insider's look into the lives of New York mafia families from the point of view of the wife who, as indicated by the show's title, married a mobster.

  • PG
  • Mature Themes


  • The Grim Reaper

    1. The Grim Reaper

    Linda Schiro goes along for the lifelong ride by her husband's side as his world unravels.

    21m 27s

  • Meet the Famas

    2. Meet the Famas

    Man turns to drug dealing when he can't cover a win from a gambling parlor he opened.

    21m 30s

  • Cheryl and Philly: A Love Story

    3. Cheryl and Philly: A Love Story

    Man is convicted of racketeering and drug dealing leaving wife and children broke and alone.

    21m 24s

  • Rat Trap

    4. Rat Trap

    Woman falls for the son of a gangster and vanishes in one of the mafia's greatest betrayals.

    21m 28s

  • Daddy's Little Girl

    5. Daddy's Little Girl

    Woman is drawn into the crossfire of the Colombo family war.

    21m 24s

  • Working Mom

    6. Working Mom

    Wife couldn't settle for being a mere accessory and enjoy the spoils of her husbands activities.

    21m 27s

  • No Way Out

    7. No Way Out

    After relocating to escape mob ties, a woman falls for the son of a crime family.

    21m 24s

  • Family Getaway

    8. Family Getaway

    Colombo crime boss Victor Orena sees his children in the family business.

    21m 25s

  • Love Hurts

    9. Love Hurts

    Woman gets protection from her abusive husband and ends up an accomplice to theft.

    21m 29s

  • Ebony & Ivory

    10. Ebony & Ivory

    Woman's life becomes complicated after she is caught in bed with an associate's husband.

    21m 25s