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I'm With Busey

I'm With Busey

1 Season
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The adventures shared between a comedy writer in his twenties, Adam De La Pena and a Hollywood icon who has been in 100+ movies, Gary Busey. Adam idolizes Gary, and with his goofy personality and Gary's eccentricity, the stage is set for all sorts of mayhem.

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Mature Themes


  • Vision Quest

    2. Vision Quest

    Busey takes Adam to the Arizona desert to show him how to survive without a map. Busey also wants to find an elusive “magic Indian.”

    21m 32s

  • Fear

    3. Fear

    Gary teaches Adam to face his fears, and what better way to do so, than to have a one on one knife fight?

    21m 33s

  • Technology: Rise of the Robots

    4. Technology: Rise of the Robots

    Gary reveals all of his fears, thoughts, and conspiracy theories, regarding technology, to Adam.

    21m 33s

  • Imagination

    5. Imagination

    Gary tries to unlock Adam's imagination. The two begin by playing with G.I. Joe dolls, and Gary insinuates that Adam's doll is gay.

    21m 32s

  • Romance

    6. Romance

    The "Busey School of Romance" is in session, and Adam is the star pupil, well...the only pupil.

    21m 32s

  • Protection

    7. Protection

    Gary tries to teach Adam about protection. Adam learns how to nurture nature, fight, and drive defensively.

    21m 32s

  • Mystery

    8. Mystery

    After Adam solves the mystery of where in the house Gary is, Gary shows Adam the mystery of feeling like a cow full of milk.

    21m 31s

  • Acting

    9. Acting

    Adam asks Busey to teach him how to be a movie star.

    21m 33s

  • Learning and Knowledge

    10. Learning and Knowledge

    Busey teaches Adam about life, not everything is in the books.

    21m 31s

  • Environment

    11. Environment

    Busey teaches Adam about the hazards of not being aware of your environment. "Read the labels before you eat the food!"

    21m 31s

  • Trust

    12. Trust

    The teachings of trust. "If you really trust yourself the right way, you'll be able to land on your feet, without falling."

    21m 30s

  • Break Up

    13. Break Up

    Adam meets Andy Dick and Gary is not happy about it. The final episode.

    21m 32s