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Insomniac with Dave Attell

Insomniac with Dave Attell

3 Seasons
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Dave Attell suffers from insomnia, making him the true late night god. He roams the streets of our cities in search of a good time, heck, maybe you'll see him!

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  • New York City: Premiere

    1. New York City: Premiere

    Dave takes on New York the way it should be done, at night. He visits an S&M Club, and goes for a ride with the Federation of Black Cowboys.

    20m 55s

  • San Francisco

    2. San Francisco

    Stops include: Punchline Comedy, The Covered Wagon Saloon, Castro district, Green Tortoise Youth Hostel.

    21m 50s

  • Kansas City

    4. Kansas City

    Standup: Stanford & Sons. Stops Include: Isle Of Capri Casino, has fun with some strippers in a limo.

    21m 55s

  • New Orleans

    5. New Orleans

    It may not be Mardi Gras but it's a party every night of the week. Dave takes it to the street in the Big Easy.

    21m 18s

  • Memphis

    7. Memphis

    Stops include: The Loony Bin, PT's Show Club, Whitten Arms Gun Range, the Zoo, and the Peabody.

    21m 38s

  • Tijuiana

    8. Tijuiana

    Standup: The Comedy Store (in San Diego). Stops Include: Revolucion, Toreo De Tijuana, Club Senor, Punto Neuvo.

    21m 27s

  • New York City: Finale

    10. New York City: Finale

    He's Back! Dave ends his season where it all began, in New York. This time he checks out a fetish party, and goes bowling with an escort.

    20m 19s