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2 Seasons
QC:  8+
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In JANN, Arden plays a fictionalized version of herself: a singer songwriter of a "certain age" dealing with the harsh reality that her former music career is now on a slow, relentless slide into obscurity.

  • PG

  • QC: 8+
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  • The Big House

    1. The Big House

    Jann Arden stars as a fictionalized version of herself on a quest for renewed fame, while dealing with family obligations and pressures.

    19m 54s En

  • Go With the Flowga

    2. Go With the Flowga

    Jann gets her managers involved after she discovers she is only merely featured in the chorus of a charity single to empower women.

    21m 21s En

  • Weeknd at Charley's

    3. Weeknd at Charley's

    When Jann’s niece calls asking for help with something, Jann jumps to action but gets distracted by adoring fans at her niece’s university.

    19m 14s En

  • Major Party Foul

    4. Major Party Foul

    Jann and her sister butt heads over the planning of a 75th birthday party for their Mom and upset her in the process.

    21m 30s En

  • You've Been Soft Served

    5. You've Been Soft Served

    As Jann and her sister try to grapple with their mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, the sisters find themselves united for the first time.

    21m 17s En

  • WWJD (What Will Jann Do?)

    6. WWJD (What Will Jann Do?)

    Jann’s upcoming tour plans are threatened when her Mom has a scare and her sister Max is put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.

    18m 57s En

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(French) Jann Season 2 Trailer

(French) Jann Season 2 Trailer

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