5 Seasons
QC: 13+
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Jérémie had the wind in her sails. The wind has died down… This summer, she’s trying to find it again at an outdoors camp, the Domaine du Lac. Haunted by a painful secret, the young woman joins a team of lifeguards. Her arrival disrupts the careful balance between Olivier, Raphaëlle, Thomas, Camille and Maxime. With the parties, the dates and the expeditions, the six friends are confronted by little annoyances, big issues and the responsibilities of the adult world. Alcohol, difficult love lives, complex family relationships and hormones play tricks on them: they’re in unknown territory and will test their limits!
Teen, Drama


Maturity Rating

  • Directors

    • François Bouvier
    • François Gingras
    • Yannick Savard
    • Yan England
  • Producers

    • Michel Bissonnette
    • André Larin
    • Vincent Leduc
    • Brigitte Lemonde
    • Mélanie Lamothe
    • Diane England
  • Cast

    • Karelle Tremblay
    • Antoine L'Écuyer
    • Claudia Bouvette
    • Lou-Pascal Tremblay
    • Stéphanie Arav-Clocchiatti
    • Pierre-Luc Lafontaine
    • Patrick Labbé
    • Jean-Nicolas Verreault
    • Darragh Flamand
    • Kalinka Petrie
  • Writers

    • Marie-Hélène Lapierre
    • Kristine Metz
    • Dominique Gagné
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