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John From Cincinnati

John From Cincinnati

1 Season
QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( En, Fr )
In Imperial Beach, California, the dysfunctional Yost family intersects with two new arrivals to the community: a dim-but-wealthy surfing enthusiast and man spurned by the Yosts years ago.
Fantasy, Drama

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • His Visit: Day One

    1. His Visit: Day One

    Mitch Yost thinks he has had an hallucination; a stranger arrives at the Snug Harbor Motel.

    57m 15s EnFr

  • His Visit: Day Two

    2. His Visit: Day Two

    Linc tries to infiltrate Yost inner circle; Shaun has unexpected results.

    48m 18s EnFr

  • His Visit: Day Two Continued

    3. His Visit: Day Two Continued

    Dr. Smith believes a paranormal phenomenon has occurred within the Yost family; Kai takes John to her trailer; Cass comforts Mitch.

    48m 39s EnFr

  • His Visit: Day Three

    4. His Visit: Day Three

    Some thugs rough up John; Kai connects with Butchie; Dr. Smith gets a new patient; Shaun's mother arrives in Imperial Beach.

    51m 14s EnFr

  • His Visit: Day Four

    5. His Visit: Day Four

    Bill gets a strange mandate from Zippy; Tina lets the Yost family know that she is back in town.

    48m 43s EnFr

  • His Visit: Day Five

    6. His Visit: Day Five

    Butchie orchestrates a reunion between Shaun and Tina; John helps Bill and Cissy face their pasts.

    49m 48s EnFr

  • His Visit: Day Six

    7. His Visit: Day Six

    Someone challenges Linc's reign; Dwayne considers Shaun's online future; Dr. Smith tends to ailing Palaka.

    48m 14s EnFr

  • His Visit: Day Seven

    8. His Visit: Day Seven

    The citizens of Imperial Beach fear for Shaun's safety after John gives them an ominous message.

    52m 3s EnFr

  • His Visit: Day Eight

    9. His Visit: Day Eight

    Mitch tracks down a reclusive chemist in Mexico; Cissy heads up a search team; Bill loses his feathered medium.

    47m 34s EnFr

  • His Visit: Day Nine

    10. His Visit: Day Nine

    Butchie and Kai have a joyous revelation; Imperial Beach plays host to a makeshift parade.

    47m 46s EnFr