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Killing Richard Glossip

Killing Richard Glossip

1 Season
QC:  13+
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Filmmaker Joe Berlinger documents the case of Richard Glossip, a former motel manager sentenced to die for orchestrating a 1997 murder that he swears he had nothing to do with. As Glossip awaits execution, Berlinger's cameras are embedded with his legal team in real time as they race against the clock to uncover new evidence that proves his innocence. The miniseries features exclusive interviews with Glossip and Justin Sneed, the man who admitted to killing the victim, for which he was sentenced to life in prison. There is also first-ever interviews with the lead detectives and attorneys on both sides of the case, plus interviews with Glossip's high-profile supporters, including actress Susan Sarandon, entrepreneur Richard Branson, and activist Sister Helen Prejean.
Mystery, Crime, Documentary

  • 14+

  • QC: 13+


  • This Is Pointing to Me

    1. This Is Pointing to Me

    Joe Berlinger traces death row inmate Richard Glossip's journey through the criminal justice system.

    43m 48s Fr

  • An Obvious Homicide

    2. An Obvious Homicide

    The detective who zeroed in on Richard Glossip defends his investigation.

    43m 54s Fr

  • The Machinery of Death

    3. The Machinery of Death

    News of destroyed evidence surfaces, shedding light on how Richard Glossip ended up on death row.

    43m 48s Fr

  • Death Watch

    4. Death Watch

    The history of botched executions in Oklahoma; Glossip shares his fear of suffering the same fate.

    43m 48s Fr