Les coulisses du palais
Les coulisses du palais

Les coulisses du palais

2 Seasons
QC: 13+
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LES COULISSES DU PALAIS features men and women who are passionate about their mission to make justice more human, more accessible, more streamlined and less costly. The show gives access to the Judges from the Superior Court of Québec and from the Court of Québec. Every day, they have to deal with harrowing drama, repulsive crimes and urgent situations. Their line of work deals with every type of litigation: criminal trials, small claims cases, family law or youth court cases, mediation sessions or settlement meetings.
Crime, Documentary


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • Marc-André Chabot
  • Producers

    • Louis Morissette
    • Louis-Philippe Drolet
    • Alain Chicoine
  • Writer

    • Yves Thériault
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