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Mama Medium

Mama Medium

1 Season
QC:  G
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TLC describes Jennie Marie as a doting wife and mother with a larger-than-life personality. She also happens to be gifted with the extraordinary ability to talk to the dead. Not only is Jennie a medium, psychic, and fourth-generation clairvoyant, but connecting with people who are otherwise incapable of communicating for themselves is her calling card. This series shows how Jennie helps people who are desperate to communicate with their loved ones, whether they've transitioned to the afterlife or suffered a life-altering incident. Episodes showcase several readings, while also exploring the star's home life in Rochester, N.Y.
Mystery, Documentary, Reality

  • G

  • QC: G


  • You Made Me a Believer

    1. You Made Me a Believer

    Jennie reads the energy of a man who hasn't been able to speak since an accident eight years ago.

    42m 23s Fr

  • Where There's Smoke

    2. Where There's Smoke

    Jennie performs a read for a mother in a semi-vegetative state; Jennie does a group reading.

    42m 23s Fr

  • Arson Homicide

    3. Arson Homicide

    Jennie does a reading for a mother who lost her young son; a family's loved ones lost in a fire.

    42m 24s Fr

  • Haunting at the Lake

    4. Haunting at the Lake

    Jennie offers healing to a skeptic who's mourning the loss of his mother; a bridal shower.

    42m 23s Fr

  • Faded Memories

    5. Faded Memories

    Jennie makes a remarkable connection for a family that recently lost a loved one.

    42m 25s Fr

  • Surprising a Psychic

    6. Surprising a Psychic

    Jennie gives a reading to a voiceless woman left paralyzed after a medical procedure gone wrong.

    42m 23s Fr

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(French) Mama Medium Trailer

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