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Mary's Kitchen Crush

Mary's Kitchen Crush

1 Season
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Canada's culinary sweetheart Mary Berg shares her delicious twists on home-cooked classics inspired by her family and friends.
Reality, Cooking, Food

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  • Mary Loves Myra

    1. Mary Loves Myra

    Mary Berg gives her mom Myra a giant food hug with a fresh and flavourful take on a lamb tenderloin dinner with strawberry-rhubarb galette.

    21m 21s En

  • Sarah Loves Steak

    2. Sarah Loves Steak

    Mary Berg’s friend Sarah is killing it in her career, so Berg shows her pride for Sarah’s success with the perfect meat and potatoes meal.

    21m 21s En

  • Myra The Entertainer

    3. Myra The Entertainer

    It’s a girls’ night in as Mary Berg hosts her mom and her friends for some beer-braised short ribs and a crowd-pleasing carrot cake.

    21m 21s En

  • Breakfast for Dinner

    4. Breakfast for Dinner

    Mary Berg wakes up the taste buds with a kid-friendly breakfast for dinner featuring peanut butter and banana-stuffed French toast.

    21m 22s En

  • When Mary Met Aaron

    5. When Mary Met Aaron

    Mary celebrates her anniversary with a re-do of the first meal she ever made for her husband, Aaron, including an elevated Italian classic.

    21m 21s En

  • Game Time Grub

    6. Game Time Grub

    Mary Berg hits it out of the park with a smorgasbord of stadium food staples for her sport-fan friends to enjoy with the game.

    21m 23s En

  • Celebrating Dad

    7. Celebrating Dad

    Mary Berg remembers her dad by cooking up a delicious meal inspired by his southern barbeque favourites.

    21m 23s En

  • Pride

    8. Pride

    Mary Berg puts on her Pride party hat and hosts a summer soirée for her friends with a lively citrus-marinated chicken.

    21m 21s En

  • Cousin's Summer

    9. Cousin's Summer

    Mary Berg catches up with her cousins over her special summery spin on a creamy Indian butter chicken.

    21m 21s En

  • Southern Charm

    10. Southern Charm

    Mary Berg channels her inner Southern Belle by whipping up a southern spread full of bold flavours and fond memories for her Aunt Joanie.

    21m 21s En

  • Muscle Meal

    11. Muscle Meal

    Mary Berg whips up a protein-packed Mexican meal for her taco-loving best friend, Kyle, to support his recent workout kick.

    21m 20s En

  • Turkey With a Twist

    12. Turkey With a Twist

    Mary Berg and her family give thanks with a feast of family favourites and turkey with a southern twist.

    21m 21s En

  • A Very Mary Holiday

    13. A Very Mary Holiday

    Roasted pork and parmesan potatoes are on the menu as Mary makes a festive feast by repurposing holiday leftovers for her favourite cousins.

    21m 21s En

  • Book Lunch

    14. Book Lunch

    Mary celebrates the birth of her first ‘cookbook baby’ with a scrumptious soup and sandwich lunch for her editor and photographer friends.

    21m 21s En

  • Apply to be Nominated

    15. Apply to be Nominated

    Mary Berg transports her guests to Old Hollywood with retro-themed crab cakes and fondue at her annual award show screening party.

    21m 21s En

  • Brunch Engagement

    16. Brunch Engagement

    Mary Berg pops some champagne to celebrate her brother’s engagement with a fresh and flavourful English brunch.

    21m 21s En

  • Bon Appetit

    17. Bon Appetit

    Mary Berg and her friend Marissa plan the perfect Parisian getaway over a French-inspired meal sprinkled with some Mary magic.

    21m 21s En

  • More is More

    18. More is More

    Mary Berg’s friend Rob loves a good food indulgence, so she’s giving him all the guilty pleasures with a meaty, cheesy lasagna dinner.

    21m 21s En

  • A Fish Full of Flavour

    19. A Fish Full of Flavour

    Mary Berg shows some love to her friendly MasterChef Canada rival, Jeremy, with a flavourful fish dinner.

    21m 21s En

  • Charity Dinner

    20. Charity Dinner

    Mary Berg serves up some tasty ratatouille for her friend Kallie as they chat about charitable causes for Mary to support.

    21m 21s En

  • Raising the Bar

    21. Raising the Bar

    Mary Berg kicks her friend Sam out of her comfort zone by putting a veggie spin on her favourite bar foods.

    21m 21s En

  • Swipe Bite

    22. Swipe Bite

    Mary Berg inspires her mom to dive into dating with a delicious squash pasta carbonara designed to get her in the mood for love.

    21m 21s En

  • Canadian Long Weekend

    23. Canadian Long Weekend

    Summer long weekends are all about fun, food, and friendly hangs, so Mary and her husband host their friends with a Canadian-inspired menu.

    21m 21s En

  • Birthday Dish

    24. Birthday Dish

    Mary goes big for her sister-in-law Jenna’s birthday, turning some classic kid-centric birthday party favourites into grown-up goodness.

    21m 20s En

  • Prep For Time

    25. Prep For Time

    Meal prep never tasted so good as Mary Berg spins a pesto chicken and roasted vegetable dinner into three more meals to spare.

    21m 21s En

  • Tuesday Night

    26. Tuesday Night

    It’s a burger bonanza with Mary Berg treating her husband Aaron’s friends to fast and flavourful midweek feast.

    21m 19s En

  • Versa-EAT-ily

    27. Versa-EAT-ily

    It’s pulled pork to the rescue as Mary Berg makes magic with a versatile meal for her married friends who have very different tastes.

    21m 21s En

  • Delicious Drop-In

    28. Delicious Drop-In

    Mary Berg makes magic on short notice when her friend Sarah pays a surprise visit, serving up a fridge clean-out chicken pot pie.

    21m 21s En

  • Dinner for One

    29. Dinner for One

    Mary Berg is her own guest of honour so she sears up some delicious salmon for her dinner for one.

    21m 21s En

  • Pressure Cooking

    30. Pressure Cooking

    Mary is up for the challenge of impressing her MasterChef Canada former competitor, Veronica, with some next-level comfort food.

    21m 21s En