Max et Livia
Max et Livia

Max et Livia

3 Seasons
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The tribulations of Maxim Martin as he tries to rebuild his love life, and the struggles of Livia, his 16-year-old daughter, who’s trying to figure out who she is. Even if the daughter’s teenage crisis often clashes with her dad’s own forties crises, the two make an inseparable team. Max realizes that Livia is growing up too fast. To catch up on lost time, he asks her to come live with him full time.
Comedy, Teen


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • Martin Roy
  • Producer

    • Martin Roy
  • Cast

    • Maxim Martin
    • Livia Martin
    • Dominic Paquet
    • Marilyse Bourke
    • Nan Desrochers
    • Camille Felton
  • Writers

    • Pierre-Marc Drouin
    • Pierre-Louis Sanschagrin
    • Mathilde Dumont
    • Martine Pagé
    • Julien Tapp
    • Marie-Hélène Lapierre
  • Executive Producers

    • Charles Lafortune
    • Nicola Merola
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