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Mighty Ships

Mighty Ships

4 Seasons
QC:  G
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Featuring stunning visuals from aboard these mighty vessels, it explores the mechanics of the actual ships and the intricate relationships of those aboard. Meet the crew and staff who navigate these ships and find out what makes their jobs so unique.
Science & Technology, Documentary

  • G

  • QC: G


  • Becrux

    1. Becrux

    The Becrux can carry nearly 20,000 head of cattle or 60,000 sheep.

    45m 53s En

  • Emma Maersk

    2. Emma Maersk

    The Emma Maersk is the world's largest ship.

    45m 52s En

  • Faust

    3. Faust

    The newest, and largest, vehicle carrier has 13 decks the size of 11 football fields.

    45m 53s En

  • Henry Larsen

    4. Henry Larsen

    Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Henry Larsen specializes in search and rescue missions.

    45m 53s En

  • Paul R. Tregurtha

    5. Paul R. Tregurtha

    The largest ship to sail the Great Lakes is the Paul R. Tregurtha.

    45m 53s En

  • Resolute

    6. Resolute

    The Tyco Resolute is needed for burying high-tech fiber optic cables across oceans.

    45m 52s En