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Monsters Inside Me

Monsters Inside Me

3 Seasons
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Find out what happens when people fall prey to an infection from a parasite, the microscopic creatures found in water, soil and even in the air. Victims' stories are retold, including how doctors attempt to unravel each case before it's too late.
Science & Technology

  • PG


  • Sleeper Cells

    1. Sleeper Cells

    The war on sleeper cell parasites.

    43m 10s

  • Outbreak

    2. Outbreak

    Three stories of organisms causing outbreaks.

    43m 9s

  • Sex Maniacs

    3. Sex Maniacs

    How parasites have manipulated reproduction to overwhelm their hosts.

    42m 58s

  • Masters of Disguise

    4. Masters of Disguise

    The most deceptive parasites.

    43m 20s

  • Hijackers

    5. Hijackers

    A parasite invades a child in Virginia; a parasite infiltrates a traveler's blood.

    43m 18s

  • Living With the Enemy

    6. Living With the Enemy

    A Virginia woman is attacked by a brain-eating parasite.

    43m 18s