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Naked And Afraid XL

Naked And Afraid XL

1 Season
QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( Fr )
Twelve Naked And Afraid survivalists who will return for the Naked And Afraid XL 40-day challenge.
Nature, Reality

  • 14+
  • Nudity

  • QC: 13+
  • Nudité


  • 40 Days And 40 Nights

    2. 40 Days And 40 Nights

    Twelve survivalists, six men and six women, endure 40 days in the wild without the comfort or convenience of food, water and clothing.

    43m 3s Fr

  • 40 Days No Escape

    3. 40 Days No Escape

    A week after being dropped into the badlands of Colombia with no food or water, one survivalist has tapped out, another is on the brink.

    43m 3s Fr

  • 40 Days Snake In The Grass

    4. 40 Days Snake In The Grass

    After 14 days, many who remain struggle to adapt to their environment and each other.

    43m 3s Fr

  • 40 Days Jungle Rich

    5. 40 Days Jungle Rich

    After nearly three weeks in the bush, two survivalists have tapped out and others are making desperate treks across the savannah.

    43m 3s Fr

  • 40 Days Death March

    6. 40 Days Death March

    The 10 remaining survivalists cross the 21-day milestone and enter uncharted waters.

    43m 3s Fr

  • 40 Days Sacrifice

    7. 40 Days Sacrifice

    The 10 remaining survivalists find themselves competing over scarce food and water at Piranha Lake.

    43m 3s Fr

  • 40 Days And Falling Apart

    8. 40 Days And Falling Apart

    After 31 days in the Colombian jungle, the pressure is on to get the nourishment they need to survive extraction.

    43m 3s Fr

  • 40 Days Filth And Fury

    9. 40 Days Filth And Fury

    The final and most difficult part of the 40-day challenge begins; relationships grow contentious.

    43m 3s Fr

  • Lions At The Gate

    11. Lions At The Gate

    "Naked and Afraid" veterans begin their 40 day and 40 night challenge in the bush of South Africa.

    43m 29s Fr

  • Man On Fire

    12. Man On Fire

    A lack of water leads one group to venture off and another group goes hunting again for big game.

    43m 44s Fr

  • Human Prey

    13. Human Prey

    After two weeks in South Africa, frustrations, leopards and tick-bite fever take a huge toll.

    43m 43s Fr

  • Too Many Chiefs

    14. Too Many Chiefs

    The battle for Alpha Male prevents the survivalists from coming together.

    43m 8s Fr

  • Rock Bottom

    15. Rock Bottom

    When Steven and Darrin fail to return from a hunting expedition, the group must break camp.

    43m 33s Fr

  • Deadly Consequences

    16. Deadly Consequences

    Ryan separates from the group and finds his camp circled by a deadly animal.

    43m 29s Fr

  • The Sickness

    17. The Sickness

    The contaminated fruit of a single tree sets off a shocking chain of events within a 24-hour period.

    43m 13s Fr

  • The Last Roar

    18. The Last Roar

    The survivalists must find the energy to secure food and start their long journey to extraction.

    43m 29s Fr