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Nerds & Monsters

Nerds & Monsters

1 Season
QC:  8+
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An animated comedy that tosses a group of nerdy kids on a fantastic uncharted island. The tween castaways must use nothing but their smarts to survive the relentless attacks by the island's inhabitants - a tribe of hideous monsters that are mistakenly threatened by their human invaders. Lucky for the nerds, these dim-witted monsters don't have any smarts!
Animation, Kids

  • C8

  • QC: 8+


  • Dear Diary

    1. Dear Diary

    Irwin tries to secretly snatch Becky's journal to see what she thinks of him.

    12m 1s En

  • Monster and Commander

    2. Monster and Commander

    Dudley thinks the others don't take him seriously because of his height and tries to become Monster Leader.

    12m 1s En

  • Honk if You’re in Love

    3. Honk if You’re in Love

    Skur thinks he can use Irwin's snoring to finally remove Zarg from the picture and have Maiden Cheena all to himself.

    12m 1s En

  • Fright of Passage

    4. Fright of Passage

    Lyle thinks of himself as a Nerd and doesn't want to perform a Monster Rite of Passage.

    12m 1s En

  • The Marriage Ref

    5. The Marriage Ref

    Becky is forced to spark some romance between the constantly bickering Urp and Durn to prove her theory.

    12m 1s En

  • Ka-Boom With a View

    6. Ka-Boom With a View

    When Dudley pigs out on a potentially exploding fruit, he can't let his temper get the best of him or he'll be blown up to nerd bits.

    12m 1s En

  • Sub Sandwich

    7. Sub Sandwich

    When Stan teaches the monsters how to fish, Vink catches a submarine with a crew on board that the monsters plan on eating.

    12m 1s En

  • The Dorkathalon

    8. The Dorkathalon

    Stan constantly beats the Nerds at physical competitions so Dudley holds a Nerd Olympics hoping he can finally defeat him.

    12m 1s En

  • Guys and Dolls

    9. Guys and Dolls

    Irwin and Dudley fight each other with revenge dolls, but must work together when Vink threatens to destroy the dolls and the two nerds.

    12m 1s En

  • Heat Wave

    10. Heat Wave

    When a heat wave causes all of his hair to fall out, an embarrassed Zarg hides out with the Nerds until his fur grows back.

    12m 1s En

  • Maiden Cheena Lays an Eggie

    11. Maiden Cheena Lays an Eggie

    When Stan's football lands in Zarg's lair, the Monster Leader thinks it's Maiden Cheena's egg and his new heir.

    12m 1s En

  • Hero Zeroes

    12. Hero Zeroes

    The Nerds are bitten by a 4-headed snake and discover they have super powers. Unfortunately they have no opportunity to use them.

    12m 1s En

  • For the Love of Dung

    13. For the Love of Dung

    When Dudley declares Monster dung a new form of currency and collects all the dung on the island, the Monsters try to steal it back.

    12m 1s En

  • The Voice of Treason

    14. The Voice of Treason

    Durn threatens to use Lyle's beautiful singing voice as a weapon and takes over as leader of the Monsters.

    12m 1s En

  • What’s Mine Is Mine

    15. What’s Mine Is Mine

    Dudley's upset that the Nerds are always borrowing and ruining his nerdy belongings and decides to teach them a lesson.

    12m 1s En

  • The Wind Beneath My Wings

    16. The Wind Beneath My Wings

    Skur is desperate to impress Maiden Cheena, so he captures Irwin to teach him his romantic tricks of the trade.

    12m 1s En

  • Oh Brother

    17. Oh Brother

    When Skur realizes that Lyle is next in line for the throne because he's Urp and Durn's son, he pretends to be Lyle's older brother.

    12m 1s En

  • The Comic or the Girl

    18. The Comic or the Girl

    Irwin and Dudley believe Zarg has an extremely rare comic book and race against each other to claim it as their own.

    12m 1s En

  • Eye! Eye! Eye!

    19. Eye! Eye! Eye!

    When Becky sees Vink stumbling around, she's convinced he has bad eyesight and tries to fit him with a monocle.

    12m 1s En

  • Stan by Me

    20. Stan by Me

    After failing to eliminate Zarg yet again, Skur decides he needs a Nerd to come up with a brilliant plan - unfortunately he captures Stan.

    12m 1s En

  • Dudley the Manservant

    21. Dudley the Manservant

    Dudley loses a million dollar bet with Stan and has to pay it off by becoming Stan's butler.

    12m 1s En

  • The Cure for the Common Nerd

    22. The Cure for the Common Nerd

    When Irwin sees all the attention Becky gives an ill Dudley, he pretends to get sick.

    12m 1s En

  • Fab Rick

    23. Fab Rick

    Zarg destroys an inflatable moose that has washed ashore, thinking it's trying to steal Maiden Cheena away from him.

    12m 1s En

  • Inside the Box

    24. Inside the Box

    The nerds discover a mysterious crate and when they can't open it, they each have a fantasy of what's inside the box.

    12m 1s En

  • Are You Gonna Eat That?

    25. Are You Gonna Eat That?

    Becky saves Zarg's life, and Monster Law dictates that she must now eat him. Unfortunately she's a vegetarian.

    12m 1s En

  • Monster BFF

    26. Monster BFF

    When Stan realizes he has more in common with the Monsters than with the Nerds, he becomes Vink's new best friend.

    12m 1s En

  • Monstervision

    27. Monstervision

    The nerds miss their favorite Sci-FI TV show so they come up with their own stage version.

    12m 1s En

  • The Squider Whisperer

    28. The Squider Whisperer

    When Stan accidentally becomes Squider King, he inadvertently causes a chain reaction that threatens the island’s ecological balance.

    12m 1s En

  • The Host With the Moats

    29. The Host With the Moats

    Irwin and Dudley try to outdo each other building sand castles, causing Zarg to be threatened and attack Nerd Camp.

    12m 1s En

  • Monsterball

    30. Monsterball

    When Stan becomes the star of a monster sport, Zarg must come out of retirement to try and defeat him.

    12m 1s En

  • Flower Power

    31. Flower Power

    Irwin picks a flower that causes the first female to sniff it to be infatuated with him - unfortunately Durn sniffs it and not Becky.

    12m 1s En

  • Maiden Cheena Is Missing

    32. Maiden Cheena Is Missing

    When Maiden Cheena is nowhere to be found, the Nerds investigate the mystery of her disappearance.

    12m 1s En

  • Franken-Nerd

    33. Franken-Nerd

    Dudley consumes spoiled coconut milk, turning him into a mad scientist who tries to create his own monster.

    12m 1s En

  • Monster-Geist

    34. Monster-Geist

    Strange paranormal activity hits Nerd Camp and Becky becomes a portal to the monster underworld.

    12m 1s En

  • Monster Movie

    35. Monster Movie

    When the Nerds discover an old film camera, Becky tries to make a documentary about the wild monsters on the island.

    12m 1s En

  • Springing Lyle

    36. Springing Lyle

    Lyle accidentally becomes joined with Vink's sister and the Nerds must find a way to save him.

    12m 1s En

  • Pet Peeved

    37. Pet Peeved

    When a cute beast follows Becky back to Nerd Camp, Stan, Irwin and Dudley want to keep him as a pet, despite Becky's objections.

    12m 1s En

  • No Pranks to You

    38. No Pranks to You

    Lyle sees the Nerds pulling pranks on each other and introduces the concept to the monsters.

    12m 1s En

  • Molting Day

    39. Molting Day

    The Monsters are molting and when Monsterburgh becomes covered in white flakes, the Nerds try to turn it into a winter wonderland of fun.

    12m 1s En

  • Zanit-Clops

    40. Zanit-Clops

    Lyle and a mysterious monster named Zanti-Clops help Dudley rediscover the magic of the holidays.

    12m 1s En