New Eden
New Eden

New Eden

1 Season
18+, V, L, S, N, M
QC: 16+
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Former cult leaders turned convicts, Katherine Wryfield and Grace Lee are interviewed about New Eden for the first time in a decade by two unseen documentarians. Using archival footage, interviews, and news clips, they begin to take us through the events that transformed New Eden from a feminist utopia into a drug addled, alien-worshipping disaster space…not to mention the murders.
Crime, Mystery, Comedy


Maturity Rating

  • Cast

    • Evany Rosen
    • Kayla Lorette
    • Caitlin Howden
    • Leah Doz
    • Miranda Millar
    • Kristin Shepherd
    • Josh Bainbridge
    • David Ingram
    • Bree Ali
    • Megan Dawson
  • Writers

    • Evany Rosen
    • Kayla Lorette
  • Executive Producer

    • Carrie Mudd
  • Creators

    • Evany Rosen
    • Kayla Lorette
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