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Nik Wallenda: Beyond Niagara

Nik Wallenda: Beyond Niagara

1 Season
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Nik Wallenda is on a mission to bring his death-defying skills to a 21st century audience. Join Nik and his family as they create spectacular acts that cheat death through science, skill and discipline.
Science & Technology

  • PG
  • Mature Themes


  • The Bahamas

    1. The Bahamas

    Nik seeks to break the world record for the highest bicycle ride on a wire at Atlantis Paradise Island.

    42m 50s

  • Sway Poles & Motorcycle Ride

    2. Sway Poles & Motorcycle Ride

    Nik and his team engineer a motorcycle to spin 360 degrees around a wire with Nik aboard and his wife on a trapeze underneath.

    42m 35s

  • Wheel of Death

    3. Wheel of Death

    Nik battles harsh wind in Atlantic City as he attempts to perform the Wheel of Death over the rooftop of the 28-storey Tropicana Hotel.

    42m 34s

  • Exploding Box, Return to Puerto Rico

    4. Exploding Box, Return to Puerto Rico

    Nik travels to Puerto Rico to re-create the wire walk where his great-grandfather Karl fell to his death.

    42m 34s

  • Zip Line, Ferris Wheel Walk

    5. Zip Line, Ferris Wheel Walk

    Nik Wallenda attempts to descend down a zipline into a shallow pool while on fire, and walks atop a moving Ferris wheel in Santa Cruz.

    42m 34s

  • Helicopter Hang

    6. Helicopter Hang

    In Branson, Missouri, Nik wants to perform on a trapeze underneath a helicopter 250 feet high, attempting to hang by only his teeth.

    42m 35s