No Man's Land
No Man's Land

No Man's Land

1 Season
14+, V, L, M
QC: 13+
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A family grieves the death of their daughter in a suicide bombing. Meanwhile, her brother suspects she is still alive after glimpsing her in a news report and sets off to find her in the Middle East.
War, Drama, Thriller


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • Oded Ruskin
  • Cast

    • James Krishna Floyd
    • Jo Ben Ayed
    • Julia Faure
    • Félix Moati
    • James Purefoy
    • Dean Ridge
    • Mélanie Thierry
    • Souheila Yacoub
    • Enja Saethren
    • Roda Canioglu
  • Executive Producers

    • Amit Cohen
    • Maria Feldman
    • Ron Leshem
  • Creators

    • Ron Leshem
    • Eitan Mansuri
    • Maria Feldman
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