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Not Safe With Nikki Glaser

Not Safe With Nikki Glaser

1 Season
QC:  16+
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Comic and curious perv Nikki investigates the issues the rest of us are too timid to ask about through a mix of panel discussions, field pieces and social experiments.
Stand Up, Comedy

  • 18+
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 16+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Sexualité
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Carpe Do 'Em

    1. Carpe Do 'Em

    Rory Scovel and Rachel Feinstein join Nikki to see how much a guy will put up with on Tinder.

    21m 15s En

  • Dick Moves

    2. Dick Moves

    Nikki sets up a professional photo shoot to help men improve their sexting game.

    21m 16s En

  • I'm The Boat

    3. I'm The Boat

    Nikki and Kyle Kinane provide the dialogue for a porn scene that is repeated by the actors.

    21m 16s En

  • Already Wet

    4. Already Wet

    Nikki sits on a vibrator, talks about squirting with Sara Schaefer and gets to the bottom of her parents' sex lives.

    21m 15s En

  • Don't Touch That Remote

    5. Don't Touch That Remote

    Nikki hears horror stories from maids who clean up after hotel guests have sex.

    21m 18s En

  • Find My Boyfriend A Girlfriend

    6. Find My Boyfriend A Girlfriend

    Nikki interviews an Uber driver about a hookup with a passenger and chats with T.J. Miller and Pete Holmes.

    21m 16s En

  • Your Wedding Sucks

    7. Your Wedding Sucks

    Nikki confronts engaged couples about how their weddings inconvenience their friends. Special guests Grace Helbig and Moshe Kasher.

    21m 15s En

  • Get Her a Glass of Water

    8. Get Her a Glass of Water

    Nikki explores the topic of one-night stands and feeds lines to porn actors. Special guests Kristen Schaal and Kyle Kinane.

    21m 15s En

  • Panty Sniffers

    9. Panty Sniffers

    Sex columnist Dan Savage gives advice to Nikki's younger self, then Nikki interviews some "panty sniffers".

    21m 18s En

  • I Broke My Dick

    10. I Broke My Dick

    Nikki explores the world of pegging and plays a round of Tinder Tapout with special guests Patton Oswalt and Natasha Leggero.

    21m 17s En

  • Is That Your Belt?

    11. Is That Your Belt?

    Nikki takes a look at the world of professional cuddlers and plays a round of Tinder Tapout with special guests Mary Lynn Rajskub and...

    21m 15s En

  • I Miss David Bowie

    12. I Miss David Bowie

    Nikki uses the magic of porn to discuss women in the workplace with Kristen Schaal, then chats with guests Chris D’Elia and Kate Walsh.

    21m 16s En

  • Really Real R&B

    13. Really Real R&B

    Nikki enlists musician Omarion to create a new R&B hit based on real-life sex stories and then plays another round of What's Your Number?...

    21m 17s En

  • Make America Horny Again

    14. Make America Horny Again

    Nikki travels to a Donald Trump rally in San Diego to see what his supporters think about sex, then explores what constitutes cheating...

    21m 17s En

  • Mysteries Of The Female Orgasm

    15. Mysteries Of The Female Orgasm

    Nikki teams up with a group of women to conduct groundbreaking research on the female orgasm and learns about flirting via GIFs.

    21m 16s En

  • Blind Date Champion

    16. Blind Date Champion

    Nikki explores hilariously bad dates with Dave Waite, and plays Tinder Tapout with Ron Funches and Katie Nolan.

    21m 16s En

  • Rock-Hard Weekend

    17. Rock-Hard Weekend

    Nikki looks into the alarming popularity of over-the-counter male enhancement pills and explain complex social issues to kittens.

    21m 17s En

  • Is This Forever

    18. Is This Forever

    Nikki gives advice to couples considering a prenup and presents another installment of Comedians Do Porn.

    21m 16s En

  • Museum of Broken Relationships

    19. Museum of Broken Relationships

    Nikki visits a museum full of people's old relationship keepsakes, debunks myths about bisexuals with Margaret Cho and rails against the...

    21m 16s En

  • 24 Hours In A Strip Club

    20. 24 Hours In A Strip Club

    Nikki travels to Las Vegas to see if she can spend 24 hours in a strip club, and Jim Norton and Bridget Everett join her for a round of...

    21m 15s En