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Numb Chucks

Numb Chucks

1 Season
QC:  G
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Before one night changed their lives, woodchuck brothers Dilweed and Fungus never saw themselves as heroes. But during a late-night-TV infomercial, they order a Woodchuck Morris kung-fu video. Now, they have made it their mission to become just as awesome as their kung-fu mentor.
Animation, Comedy, Kids

  • C8

  • QC: G


  • Chuck Be A Lady

    1. Chuck Be A Lady

    Dilweed and Fungus secretly attend Hooves' high school reunion when they find out that Woodchuck Morris himself will be there!

    11m 33s En

  • Couch Potato

    2. Couch Potato

    The Chucks found a potato charity to help the children of Ding-A-Ling Springs.

    11m 34s En

  • Granny’s Gone Wild

    3. Granny’s Gone Wild

    When the Chucks take sweet Grandma Butternut grocery shopping, a series of unfortunate events occurs.

    11m 33s En

  • Mummies ‘n Dummies

    4. Mummies ‘n Dummies

    Left alone at night in charge of Pinheads, Dilweed and Fungus think the bowling alley is being attacked by evil ninja mummies.

    11m 33s En

  • The Jar Of Power

    5. The Jar Of Power

    Buford sells the Chucks a fake Woodchuck Morris fart in a jar.

    11m 32s En

  • The Legend Of Snacky Chan

    6. The Legend Of Snacky Chan

    The Chucks go on a rescue mission when a kung fu friend of theirs, a beat up, old vending machine, is ‘kidnapped’ by a repairman.

    11m 32s En

  • Up With The Chucks

    7. Up With The Chucks

    Buford agrees to help Quills with a party she's throwing, then he's horrified to discover that she’s celebrating – Dilweed and Fungus!

    11m 33s En

  • Attack of Hammer Fist Man

    8. Attack of Hammer Fist Man

    After watching a Woodchuck Morris movie, the Chucks are convinced that the bad guy has come to pay a visit to their next door neighbour.

    11m 32s En

  • Adventures In Bufordsitting

    9. Adventures In Bufordsitting

    Grandma Butternut is sick of Buford’s irresponsible behaviour, so she hires Dilweed and Fungus to babysit him.

    11m 33s En

  • Enter The Sheep

    10. Enter The Sheep

    The Chucks open up an inept kung-fu school.

    11m 33s En

  • A Toast To Love

    11. A Toast To Love

    Dilweed and Fungus’ relationship is threatened when Fungus falls in love with a toaster.

    11m 32s En

  • Dr. Sinister

    12. Dr. Sinister

    When a new neighbour moves onto the Chucks’ street, they become convinced that he is pure evil.

    11m 32s En

  • Driving Mr. Buford

    13. Driving Mr. Buford

    Buford is in a hurry to get to the video game store.

    11m 31s En

  • Who Put The Ding In Ding-A-Ling?

    14. Who Put The Ding In Ding-A-Ling?

    The town has a friendly new mascot, but whenever he's left alone with the Chucks, he is mean to them.

    11m 31s En

  • D.E.R.P.

    15. D.E.R.P.

    Dilweed and Fungus run afoul of Hooves’ newly installed and highly intelligent home security system.

    11m 33s En

  • Intelligence Not Included

    16. Intelligence Not Included

    Buford reprograms the Chucks’ talking Woodchuck Morris doll, in an effort to make them do whatever he says.

    11m 32s En

  • Deck The Hooves

    17. Deck The Hooves

    The Chucks mistake Hooves for the real Santa Claus, and turn his life into a North Pole nightmare!

    11m 32s En

  • A Buford Carol

    18. A Buford Carol

    When Buford refuses to go to the Chucks’ holiday party (again!), he is visited by the ghosts of woodchucks past.

    11m 32s En

  • Smell The Knowledge

    19. Smell The Knowledge

    When Buford ‘accidentally’ washes Dilweed’s kung-fu belt, the Chucks believe he has lost all his kung fu knowledge.

    11m 32s En

  • Les Fancy Chucks

    20. Les Fancy Chucks

    Hooves auditions to join Le Fancy Club, but when the Chucks show up pretending to be his butlers, will he be able to keep things fancy?

    11m 32s En

  • Breaking Badge

    21. Breaking Badge

    Fungus finds an official Woodchuck Morris #1 badge in his cereal.

    11m 32s En

  • Wind Beneath My Wig

    22. Wind Beneath My Wig

    The Chucks introduce Granny to the exciting world of the Way Of The Chuck, and she loves it… a little too much!

    11m 32s En

  • Fly Shui

    23. Fly Shui

    After Dilweed tries to swat an annoying fly, Fungus opens up a fly sanctuary in the Chuck household.

    11m 32s En

  • Swimming Fools

    24. Swimming Fools

    The Chucks invite themselves over to Hooves’ new backyard pool. Unfortunately, Hooves has a long list of pool rules!

    11m 32s En

  • The Butt-Kick List

    25. The Butt-Kick List

    When Fungus eats an acorn, Buford convinces him that a giant tree will soon grow out of his nose, leaving him stranded forever.

    11m 32s En

  • Hunk-O-Chuck

    26. Hunk-O-Chuck

    Fungus gets a makeover and becomes handsome. His handsomeness soon gets in the way of official Chuck business.

    11m 32s En

  • Chocolate Dipped Chucks

    27. Chocolate Dipped Chucks

    A slimy businessman opens up a popular new business in the Pinheads parking lot. Quills needs him to leave… and now!

    11m 31s En

  • Beach Blanket Bozos

    28. Beach Blanket Bozos

    When Buford finds out Quills can perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, he decides he needs to find a way to get her to perform it on him.

    11m 31s En

  • Chucky See, Chucky Do

    29. Chucky See, Chucky Do

    The Chucks blindfold themselves for a new Way Of The Chuck training regimen and quickly spread chaos all around town.

    11m 33s En

  • Heartsy Fartsy

    30. Heartsy Fartsy

    It’s Valentine’s Day and the Chucks think that Hooves has stolen Grandma's heart… literally. They have to get it back!

    11m 32s En

  • Old’s Well That Ends Well

    31. Old’s Well That Ends Well

    Fungus stays in the bath too long and his skin gets pruney. So Dilweed checks him into an old age home.

    11m 32s En

  • Quills Unleashed

    32. Quills Unleashed

    Quills is staying over at the Chucks’ place and is transformed into a Chuck after she accidentally watches the entire Woodchuck Morris tape.

    11m 32s En

  • Evacuation Situation

    33. Evacuation Situation

    The town has a bug infestation problem, but when the unaware Chucks eat all the bug repellent, how will the town be saved?

    11m 32s En

  • Just Chucklax

    34. Just Chucklax

    The Chucks need to relax, so they take a vacation at Grandma Butternut's B&B, where an annoyed Buford has to find a way to get them to leave

    11m 32s En

  • Sock And Awe

    35. Sock And Awe

    Dilweed and Fungus run afoul of a pair of wrestlers and have to rely on Buford to train them for the resulting wresting match.

    11m 32s En

  • Recipe For Destruction

    36. Recipe For Destruction

    It’s time for the Ding-A-Ling Springs annual pie bake-off, so the Chucks help Granny guard her prized entry from her greatest rival.

    11m 31s En

  • Cast Blast

    37. Cast Blast

    The Chucks invade Ding-A-Ling Springs hospital when they hear that Woodchuck Morris is there, but quickly run afoul of a nasty nurse.

    11m 31s En

  • Sleeping Hoovesy

    38. Sleeping Hoovesy

    It’s time for Hooves’ detested family reunion, but he’s so tired, the Chucks can’t wake him up.

    11m 31s En

  • New Improved Chucks

    39. New Improved Chucks

    The Chucks promise Quills they’ll drum up business for a slumping Pinheads using their own unique style of promotion.

    11m 32s En

  • Moosetaken Identity

    40. Moosetaken Identity

    The Chucks go camping with Hooves but quickly come to believe he is in fact a notorious escaped criminal.

    11m 32s En

  • Hug-O-War

    41. Hug-O-War

    When Fungus’ beloved teddy bear, Samson, goes missing, he is forced to enter the “Me And My Stuffy” contest.

    11m 31s En

  • Fan Boy

    42. Fan Boy

    Fungus attracts an enthusiastic little boy as a fan. What he doesn’t know is that the kid isn’t as innocent as he seems...

    11m 31s En

  • Chucks Ahoy

    43. Chucks Ahoy

    The Chucks discover a pirate treasure map written in bathroom graffiti in the Pinheads bathroom.

    11m 32s En

  • Camp Chipper Chuck

    44. Camp Chipper Chuck

    The Chucks take Buford to a Happiness Camp to get happy.

    11m 32s En

  • Huh Brother, Where Art you?

    45. Huh Brother, Where Art you?

    Fungus wakes up one morning to find that Dilweed is missing. Not wanting to be alone, he becomes best friends with Hooves.

    11m 32s En

  • Moment Of Tooth

    46. Moment Of Tooth

    Dr. Sinister returns and plants a mind-control tooth in Dilweed’s mouth.

    11m 32s En

  • Kung Fear

    47. Kung Fear

    Buford finds out that Dilweed and Fungus are terrified of dryer lint.

    11m 32s En

  • Tour Evildoer

    48. Tour Evildoer

    The Chucks think there’s an evil doer hiding on the Ding-A-Ling Springs tour bus.

    11m 32s En

  • Big Foot Fungus

    49. Big Foot Fungus

    The Chucks and Buford are on their way to a friend’s birthday party.

    11m 32s En

  • Far Encounters Of The Dumb Kind

    50. Far Encounters Of The Dumb Kind

    Aliens have invaded Ding-A-Ling Springs and it’s Armageddon. Dilweed and Fungus mistakenly think it’s ‘Costume Day’ at Pin Heads.

    11m 32s En

  • Bubble Bubble Witchy Trouble

    51. Bubble Bubble Witchy Trouble

    It’s Scare-O-Ween and the Chucks head out to frighten everyone in town, but they end up getting a heaping helping of terror themselves!

    11m 32s En

  • Mop Of Majesty

    52. Mop Of Majesty

    The Chucks unleash the legendary Mop Of Majesty and use it to clean up the town.

    11m 33s En