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1 Season
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The show follows Obscura Antiques and Oddities, a store dealing in the strange and the bizarre.

  • PG


  • Mummy Cat

    1. Mummy Cat

    A collector offers a mummified cat for sale; a playwright with a passion for straitjackets.

    21m 34s

  • The Model Mortician

    2. The Model Mortician

    A model turned mortician makes a bizarre request; a shopper's purchase makes Mike gag.

    21m 26s

  • Spider Prank

    3. Spider Prank

    Ryan seeks a high-end monkey skull; an ancient medical concoction.

    21m 33s

  • Skull Envy

    4. Skull Envy

    Ryan tries to create an exploding skull; Evan searches for a prosthetic limb.

    21m 34s

  • Mummified Hand

    5. Mummified Hand

    An ancient Egyptian artifact; artwork made from human nails; a medical bag.

    21m 34s

  • Four-Legged Chicken

    6. Four-Legged Chicken

    An elusive stuffed sloth; a Victorian medical device; a bloodletting kit for a pain artist.

    21m 26s

  • Pickled Pig

    7. Pickled Pig

    Hunting for a vintage human skeleton; pickled pig; a police officer's Victorian machine.

    21m 30s

  • Teeth on a Stick

    8. Teeth on a Stick

    The perfect gift for a dentist; the world's smallest escape artist; medical oddities.

    21m 26s

  • The Chair

    9. The Chair

    Two magicians are looking for a special piece of taxidermy that only Ryan can create.

    21m 33s

  • The Bulb Cruncher

    10. The Bulb Cruncher

    A seller brings a book to Obscura that she thinks is bound in human skin.

    21m 22s