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Oggy and the Cockroaches

Oggy and the Cockroaches

1 Season
QC:  8+
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He’s blue, he’s a good guy and he’s a wimp. Here is Oggy, the only cat the word "feline" can’t apply to. He would be the happiest of cats if three hideous cockroaches hadn’t decided to settle inside his comfortable home: Joey, DeeDee, and Marky. They of course, have no intention of ever leaving.
Kids, Animation

  • C8

  • QC: 8+


  • Olivia

    1. Olivia

    Oggy falls head over heels in love with his new neighbor.

    7m 24s En

  • The Lighthouse Keeper

    2. The Lighthouse Keeper

    Oggy and Jack become lighthouse keepers for the day.

    7m 24s En

  • Dump the Roaches!

    3. Dump the Roaches!

    Oggy and Jack become garbage men and the roaches are in the first garbage can the cats pick up.

    7m 24s En

  • Dee Dee's Diet

    4. Dee Dee's Diet

    Dee Dee goes on a diet and becomes so slim that he can walk through the holes in a roach swatter.

    7m 24s En

  • A Jealous Guy

    5. A Jealous Guy

    Joey photoshops some pics and makes Oggy believe that he has had a fling with Olivia.

    7m 24s En

  • Let's Party, Guys!

    6. Let's Party, Guys!

    It's Joey's birthday and his two buddies throw a surprise party.

    7m 24s En

  • Airship House

    7. Airship House

    The roaches blow up all the helium balloons in the attic and the house takes off.

    7m 24s En

  • Panic Room

    8. Panic Room

    Oggy orders an airtight room where he can lock himself in and get away from the roaches.

    7m 24s En

  • Into the Wild

    9. Into the Wild

    Oggy and Jack take a hike, the roaches sabotage their compass and the two cats get lost.

    7m 24s En

  • Washing Day

    10. Washing Day

    The roaches convert Oggy's laundry line into an acrobatic rope.

    7m 24s En

  • Lightning Visit

    11. Lightning Visit

    Oggy gets an unexpected visit from his parents.

    7m 24s En

  • Oggy's Shadow

    12. Oggy's Shadow

    Oggy's shadow pulls away from him and decides she wants her independence.

    7m 24s En

  • Buddy Parrot

    13. Buddy Parrot

    Oggy adopts a parrot that is a genius at imitating voices.

    7m 24s En

  • The Magic Pen

    14. The Magic Pen

    A witch loses a magic pen which creates drawings that become real.

    7m 24s En

  • A Charming Guy

    15. A Charming Guy

    Oggy tries to flirt with Olivia but he is being a total loser.

    7m 24s En

  • The Cube

    16. The Cube

    Oggy finds a simple cube that gets bigger and bigger and starts to invade his life.

    7m 24s En

  • Fly for Fun

    17. Fly for Fun

    Oggy finds a helicopter in his yard and attempts to fly it.

    7m 24s En

  • Olivia's Pimple

    18. Olivia's Pimple

    Olivia wakes up with a pimple on her forehead and Oggy finds an anti-acne recipe made from roaches.

    7m 24s En

  • The Ice Rink

    19. The Ice Rink

    Oggy's yard turns into a skating rink and Olivia becomes a good figure skater.

    7m 24s En

  • For Real

    20. For Real

    After getting electrocuted, Oggy and Joey turn into a real cat and a real roach.

    7m 24s En

  • Flight to the Sun

    21. Flight to the Sun

    Following an explosion, the house is sent into outer space and heads for the sun.

    7m 24s En

  • Run, Olivia, Run

    22. Run, Olivia, Run

    Olivia enters a marathon.

    7m 24s En

  • Mind the Giant!

    23. Mind the Giant!

    Marky starts growing uncontrollably, becomes bigger than the house and just can't get enough to eat.

    7m 24s En

  • Jack's Nephew

    24. Jack's Nephew

    Jack’s nephew, a super limp-wristed teen, has come to spend a few days with Oggy.

    7m 24s En

  • A Soft World

    25. A Soft World

    By mixing chewing gum with Raid fly spray, the roaches create a product that makes everything soft and limp.

    7m 24s En

  • Sports Fans

    26. Sports Fans

    Oggy is annoyed that he can't watch the Olympic games because of the roaches.

    7m 24s En

  • The Kitchen Boy

    27. The Kitchen Boy

    Oggy has been hired as an apprentice cook in a chic, modern restaurant.

    7m 24s En

  • Mister Cat

    28. Mister Cat

    Jack enters the contest for handsomest-cat-in-the-neighborhood. He drags Oggy along and the latter signs up to in order to humor his cousin.

    7m 24s En

  • The Easter Egg

    29. The Easter Egg

    An Easter Bell, tired from its long flight, lands in Oggy’s yard and lays an Easter egg right before taking off again.

    7m 24s En

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth

    30. Journey to the Center of the Earth

    Oggy falls into a well and finds himself propelled into the belly of the earth.

    7m 24s En

  • Butterfly Race

    31. Butterfly Race

    Oggy finds a pretty butterfly and teaches him how to do tricks like a circus animal.

    7m 24s En

  • Oggy Goes Green

    32. Oggy Goes Green

    Oggy's hot water heater explodes; He decides to go green and sets up a solar panel on the roof.

    7m 24s En

  • Now You See Me, Now You Don't

    33. Now You See Me, Now You Don't

    Oggy fixes himself a veggie drink and the roaches put weird stuff into the blender.

    7m 24s En

  • What a Lousy Day

    34. What a Lousy Day

    A shared hair comb gets everyone itching.

    7m 24s En

  • Roommate Wanted

    35. Roommate Wanted

    Oggy is gets bored living alone so he decides to get a housemate.

    7m 24s En

  • The Bathtub Race

    36. The Bathtub Race

    Olivia has organised a bathtub race and the winner gets a romantic dinner with her.

    7m 24s En

  • Inspector Dee Dee

    37. Inspector Dee Dee

    The adventures of a cat and three cockroaches.

    7m 24s En

  • A Streetcar on the Loose

    38. A Streetcar on the Loose

    Jack becomes the driver of a new streetcar that runs through the neighborhood.

    7m 24s En

  • Hep Taxi

    39. Hep Taxi

    Oggy has decided to become a cab driver!

    7m 24s En

  • (Un)happy Camper!

    40. (Un)happy Camper!

    Olivia and Oggy head off in their RV for a beach vacation.

    7m 24s En

  • Grease Monkey Oggy

    41. Grease Monkey Oggy

    Jack has turned Oggy's garage into a car mechanic's garage.

    7m 24s En

  • Farmer for a Day

    42. Farmer for a Day

    Olivia takes Oggy to an old farm in the middle of the countryside.

    7m 24s En

  • Oggy Splits Hairs

    43. Oggy Splits Hairs

    Oggy's living room has been turned into a hair salon and Bob wants his hair styled.

    7m 24s En

  • Artsy Oggy

    44. Artsy Oggy

    Oggy decides he's an artist and paints a tree; The roaches steal his masterpiece.

    7m 24s En

  • Little Tom Oggy

    45. Little Tom Oggy

    Oggy gets lost while walking home from the supermarket.

    7m 24s En

  • Don't Barge In!

    46. Don't Barge In!

    Oggy and Olivia are taking a relaxing ride down a canal on a barge.

    7m 24s En

  • A Five-Legged Sheep

    47. A Five-Legged Sheep

    Oggy's grass needs cutting but the lawnmower is broken so he hires a sheep to graze.

    7m 24s En

  • Oggy and the Magic Smile

    48. Oggy and the Magic Smile

    Oggy is transformed into a muscular, super confident, mega athlete.

    7m 24s En

  • Water Sports

    49. Water Sports

    Oggy, Jack and Olivia go to Aqualand for the day and the roaches wreak havoc.

    7m 24s En

  • Caviar On The House

    50. Caviar On The House

    Oggy decides to buy some caviar to impress Olivia.

    7m 24s En

  • Scaredy-Cat

    51. Scaredy-Cat

    The swamp monster from the nearby swamps has escaped and is wandering through Oggy's house.

    7m 24s En

  • Party Pooper

    52. Party Pooper

    Oggy throws a private party just for Olivia.

    7m 24s En

  • Dream On!

    53. Dream On!

    Oggy dreams of the lottery and sees the winning numbers appear.

    7m 24s En

  • Lady K

    54. Lady K

    Oggy goes over to Olivia's for tea; The roaches invite themselves along for the ride.

    7m 24s En

  • Skate Fever

    55. Skate Fever

    Oggy finds a skateboard in the street and after a disastrous start, he begins to get the hang of it.

    7m 24s En

  • Shoplifting

    56. Shoplifting

    Lady K discovers that Oggy and Olivia have no food.

    7m 24s En

  • Oggy and the Dodo Bird

    57. Oggy and the Dodo Bird

    Oggy finds a strange animal that is the last remaining member of an extinct species.

    7m 24s En

  • Steamed Out!

    58. Steamed Out!

    The adventures of a cat and three cockroaches.

    7m 24s En

  • Picnic Panic

    59. Picnic Panic

    Oggy, Olivia and Jack have headed off to the river for a picnic.

    7m 24s En

  • Lights Out!

    60. Lights Out!

    Oggy, Jack, Bob and Olivia have hunkered down for a pleasant game of cards when suddenly, all the lights go out.

    7m 24s En

  • Wrestling Time!

    61. Wrestling Time!

    Jack convinces Oggy that he should sign up for a professional wrestling contest that Bob is organizing.

    7m 24s En

  • Teleportation

    62. Teleportation

    Oggy has just purchased a teleportation machine.

    7m 24s En

  • Oggy and the Flour Man

    63. Oggy and the Flour Man

    While Oggy is baking a cake, Dee-Dee pops up.

    7m 24s En

  • The Cucaracha

    64. The Cucaracha

    Joey jumps with joy when his Mexican cousin suddenly shows up at the house.

    7m 24s En

  • High Rise Nightmare

    65. High Rise Nightmare

    Bob has demolished his house in order to build a modern skyscraper.

    7m 24s En

  • The Abominable SnowRoach

    66. The Abominable SnowRoach

    A snowstorm has hit Oggy’s neighborhood and the local residents are obliged to dig tunnels in order to get around.

    7m 24s En

  • Very Special Deliveries

    67. Very Special Deliveries

    Bob hires Oggy and Jack as delivery boys.

    7m 24s En

  • Bicycle Crazy!

    68. Bicycle Crazy!

    Everyone is all excited about the Tour de France.

    7m 24s En

  • Oggy and the Mermaid

    69. Oggy and the Mermaid

    Oggy is deep-sea diving. The roaches decide it’s their turn to try and kidnap the little mermaid…

    7m 24s En

  • Wake-up My Lovely!

    70. Wake-up My Lovely!

    Angry with Olivia, Lady K asks the three roaches next door to help her seek revenge.

    7m 24s En

  • North Pole Panic

    71. North Pole Panic

    Christmas Eve at the North Pole, where the toy factory is busier than ever.

    14m 34s En

  • Back to the Past!

    72. Back to the Past!

    A witch is flying through the sky on her broomstick when a sudden drop in air pressure makes her sink down several yards.

    14m 5s En

  • Oggy is Getting Married!

    73. Oggy is Getting Married!

    Oggy is in Venice with Olivia, the perfect setting for a marriage proposal. Jack is there too… and the roaches, of course.

    15m 40s En

  • From Mumbai with Love

    74. From Mumbai with Love

    Jack invites Olivia and Oggy to the cricket finals, and the finals are happening... in Mumbai!

    15m 10s En