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Ollie & Moon

Ollie & Moon

1 Season
QC:  G
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Ollie & Moon are six-year-old cats who have a knack for spinning everyday life into zany globetrotting adventure. They zig-zag around the world getting into wacky fun as they find incredible solutions to nearly anything that preschool life can throw at them. And along the way, these goofy best friends grow to appreciate differences — first in each other, and then in the big wide world they discover together.
Animation, Pre-School, Kids

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  • QC: G


  • Tiptoe Through The Tulips

    1. Tiptoe Through The Tulips

    Ollie and Moon make a mistake and discover how important it is to fess up and tell the truth.

    11m 27s En

  • Stanley's Piñata Party

    2. Stanley's Piñata Party

    Ollie and Moon give Stanley an unbreakable piñata for his birthday.

    11m 27s En

  • The Lion Whisperer

    3. The Lion Whisperer

    Moon gets Ollie's favorite ball stuck on the roof.

    11m 27s En

  • Chillin' In The Desert

    4. Chillin' In The Desert

    Ollie and Moon miss what's sure to be the only snow-day of the whole winter.

    11m 27s En

  • The Italian Meatball Marathon

    5. The Italian Meatball Marathon

    Ollie goes a little overboard and makes a meatball as big as a house.

    11m 27s En

  • The Lost Spanish Pajamas

    6. The Lost Spanish Pajamas

    Ollie loses his special red pajamas on his way to a camp out.

    11m 27s En

  • The Chinese Cookie Caper

    7. The Chinese Cookie Caper

    Moon believes she has a magic bag of fortune cookies that can tell the future.

    11m 27s En

  • Loose Tooth in London

    8. Loose Tooth in London

    Ollie's loose tooth refuses to come out, Moon has just the fix!

    11m 27s En

  • A Polish Soup Solution

    9. A Polish Soup Solution

    Stanley comes down with the Snail Sniffles, Ollie and Moon want to help him feel better.

    11m 27s En

  • The Chopsticks Jam in Japan

    10. The Chopsticks Jam in Japan

    Ollie needs to learn how to use the fancy chopsticks his Aunt gave him, so he and Moon go to Japan to practice.

    11m 27s En

  • The Daring Duo

    11. The Daring Duo

    Ollie chooses “adventure” in Moon's game of “ask or adventure.”

    11m 27s En

  • Goin' Coconuts

    12. Goin' Coconuts

    Ollie wants to make a dance video for his Aunt.

    11m 28s En

  • Hawaiian Shirt Hijinks

    13. Hawaiian Shirt Hijinks

    Ollie wrecks the special Hawaiian shirt Scoot gave him, he must replace it and fast!

    11m 27s En

  • Brazilian Soccer School

    14. Brazilian Soccer School

    Moon signed herself and Ollie up to play on a local soccer team.

    11m 27s En

  • You Mermaid My Day

    15. You Mermaid My Day

    Moon wants to meet a real, live mermaid.

    11m 27s En

  • A Sweet Time in Scotland

    16. A Sweet Time in Scotland

    Moon accidentally eats the last jar of Ollie’s favorite honey.

    11m 27s En

  • Tall Tale in India

    17. Tall Tale in India

    Moon exaggerates her hooping abilities to her pen pal from India.

    11m 27s En

  • The Case of the Missing Russian Bear

    18. The Case of the Missing Russian Bear

    Moon brings home a lost talking teddy bear.

    11m 27s En

  • The Japanese Comic Trip

    19. The Japanese Comic Trip

    Ollie reads “to be continued” at the end his latest comic book, he flies with Moon to Japan to find the reclusive creator.

    11m 27s En

  • Canadian Pancake Party

    20. Canadian Pancake Party

    Ollie and Moon go to Canada to get special maple syrup for their special pancakes.

    11m 27s En

  • Quest for the Irish Clover

    21. Quest for the Irish Clover

    Moon assures Ollie she’ll help him find a four-leaf clover.

    11m 27s En

  • The Slowest Sloth in Costa Rica

    22. The Slowest Sloth in Costa Rica

    Moon wants their new slow sloth friend to speed up.

    11m 27s En

  • Italian Gelato Twist

    23. Italian Gelato Twist

    Ollie and Moon go to Italy to create a new ‘best friend’ themed gelato flavor for Stanley’s cousin’s shop.

    11m 27s En

  • The Australian Kangaroo Race

    24. The Australian Kangaroo Race

    Moon is very sure of herself and swears she'll prove she's right.

    11m 27s En

  • Swiss Mountain Rescue Cats

    25. Swiss Mountain Rescue Cats

    Moon makes a baby bird rescue, she's inspired to help more!

    11m 27s En

  • Drawing Lessons in Peru

    26. Drawing Lessons in Peru

    Moon overcomes her lack of confidence about her drawing and Ollie discovers he can draw even without his favourite pencil.

    11m 27s En

  • Thinking Pink in Senegal

    27. Thinking Pink in Senegal

    When Ollie is invited to his Auntie’s Photography Club meeting, he wants to bring the perfect pink picture.

    11m 27s En

  • Chef Moon takes on Paris

    28. Chef Moon takes on Paris

    Ollie and Moon go to Paris so Moon can prove to Ollie that she doesn’t need any help being a great baker.

    11m 27s En

  • Goosebumps in Greenland

    29. Goosebumps in Greenland

    During a heatwave in Brooklyn, Moon wants to go to Greenland to find a nice cold igloo.

    11m 27s En

  • The Bolivian Hat Hunt

    30. The Bolivian Hat Hunt

    When Moon’s special Bolivian alpaca hat gets shrank in the wash due to Ollie’s mistake, he promises to make amends, no matter what.

    11m 27s En

  • A Surprise in South Africa

    31. A Surprise in South Africa

    Moon wants to surprise Ollie with a special trip but she gets everything wrong!

    11m 26s En

  • The Egyptian Expedition

    32. The Egyptian Expedition

    When Moon gets lucky and reads some hieroglyphics correctly, she leads Ollie on a search for a Pharaoh’s treasure!

    11m 27s En

  • Ollie's Nights with Thailand lights

    33. Ollie's Nights with Thailand lights

    On their way to a traditional celebration in Thailand, Ollie loses his night light and has until nightfall to find a new one!

    11m 26s En

  • Moon's Greek Cookie Craving

    34. Moon's Greek Cookie Craving

    When Moon gets a craving for Greek cookies, her rush to get them only holds her back.

    11m 27s En

  • Brazilian Carnival Cats

    35. Brazilian Carnival Cats

    When Moon becomes a sensation because of a dance move she invented, she gets so excited about being famous.

    11m 26s En

  • The Grand Canyon Cover-Up

    36. The Grand Canyon Cover-Up

    When Ollie and Moon hide mistakes from each other, they only manage to make things harder and miss out on fun.

    11m 27s En

  • Moon's Magic Wand

    37. Moon's Magic Wand

    Moon drags skeptical Ollie to Merlin’s cave in Cornwall to prove to him that real magic exists.

    11m 27s En

  • The Amazing French Race

    38. The Amazing French Race

    When Ollie and Moon take on their rivals, Dolly and Zoom, in a tandem bike race, Ollie’s is sure everything will go wrong.

    11m 27s En

  • The Malaysian Butterfly Chase

    39. The Malaysian Butterfly Chase

    When Ollie and Moon set off to find a rare butterfly, Ollie’s careful nature and Moon’s wild personality get in the way of each other.

    11m 27s En

  • A Chinese Scavenger Hunt

    40. A Chinese Scavenger Hunt

    When PawPaw challenges Ollie and Moon to get along long enough to finish a game without quitting over a disagreement.

    11m 27s En

  • Ollie's Yellowstone Park Plan

    41. Ollie's Yellowstone Park Plan

    When Ollie, Moon and Scoot go to Yellowstone, Ollie has the trip scheduled within an inch of its life.

    11m 27s En

  • A Wild Goose Chase in Berlin

    42. A Wild Goose Chase in Berlin

    Ollie and Moon head to Berlin in order to look for Scoot's lost friend.

    11m 27s En

  • Stanley’s Family Reunion

    43. Stanley’s Family Reunion

    At his family reunion, Stanley feels he doesn’t measure up to his amazing relatives.

    11m 27s En

  • Easter Island Art Adventure

    44. Easter Island Art Adventure

    When Ollie struggles to make a huge statue as a tribute to Moon, the friends go to Easter Island for inspiration.

    11m 27s En

  • Finding the Rhythm in Cuba

    45. Finding the Rhythm in Cuba

    Stanley, Moon and Ollie have entered an on-line battle of the bands.

    11m 27s En

  • A Tree Grows in Sweden

    46. A Tree Grows in Sweden

    To celebrate Earth Day, Ollie wants to plant a tree in their garden so the gang goes to Sweden to get the perfect baby fir.

    11m 27s En

  • The Giant Cats of Borneo

    47. The Giant Cats of Borneo

    Ollie’s so frustrated over being small that he wants to go to a place where he’s the biggest!

    11m 27s En

  • The New Zealand Knit-Off

    48. The New Zealand Knit-Off

    Ollie and Moon go to New Zealand to help their friends Molly and June set a world knitting record.

    11m 27s En

  • Catnap in Iceland

    49. Catnap in Iceland

    Ollie’s dream of seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland becomes a twisty crazy adventure because he thinks he’s ‘too big to nap.’

    11m 27s En

  • New York Party Animals

    50. New York Party Animals

    Ollie wants to throw a party for his Auntie Char.

    11m 27s En

  • The Russian Doll Disaster

    51. The Russian Doll Disaster

    When Moon does a poor job of cleaning up, Ollie’s tiny Matryoshka doll goes missing.

    11m 27s En

  • A Tasty Trip to Vietnam

    52. A Tasty Trip to Vietnam

    When Moon tries to get Ollie to eat something else than cheese sandwiches, she makes a discovery that’s hard to swallow.

    11m 27s En