Paw Patrol: Pup Tales
Paw Patrol: Pup Tales

Paw Patrol: Pup Tales

2 Seasons
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Paw Patrol follows the adventures of 10-year-old Ryder and his pack of 6 uniquely talented, well-equipped and very lovable rescue puppies. In the Lookout on a hill above Adventure Bay, Ryder and the Paw Patrol live, play, and frequently save the day! When there is trouble the citizens of Adventure Bay call on Ryder and his pups.
Animation, Kids, Pre-School


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • Charles E. Bastien
  • Cast

    • Devan Cohen
    • Jaxon Mercey
    • Kallan Holley
    • Drew Davis
    • Samuel Faraci
    • Justin Kelley
    • Carter Thorne
  • Executive Producers

    • Jennifer Dodge
    • Laura Clunie
    • Ronnen Harary
    • Keith Chapman
    • Scott Kraft
  • Creator

    • Keith Chapman
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