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Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t!

Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t!

8 Seasons
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Penn and Teller are not only comedians and magicians, they're also die-hard skeptics. Episodes take topics such as abstinence, 12-step programs and psychics and use principles of magic - as well as hidden camera operations - to smoke out "nonsense peddlers."

  • 18+
  • Violence
  • Language
  • Nudity
  • Mature Themes


  • Talking to the Dead

    1. Talking to the Dead

    Tricks of popular psychics; near-death experiences.

    26m 13s

  • Alternative Medicine

    2. Alternative Medicine

    Chiropractic medicine; reflexology; magnet therapy; alternative medicine fair.

    29m 43s

  • Alien Abductions

    3. Alien Abductions

    A UFO convention; alien abduction group therapy session; the influences of pop culture.

    29m 50s

  • End of the World

    4. End of the World

    People fear the end of the world; underground bomb shelter.

    28m 1s

  • Second-Hand Smoke; Baby Bullsh*t

    5. Second-Hand Smoke; Baby Bullsh*t

    The dangers of second-hand smoke; the baby products industry.

    29m 54s

  • Sex, Sex, Sex

    6. Sex, Sex, Sex

    Sex products, techniques and myths; aphrodisiacs.

    29m 51s

  • Feng Shui/Bottled Water

    7. Feng Shui/Bottled Water

    Feng shui home consultants are tested; the truth about bottled water.

    29m 45s

  • Creationism

    8. Creationism

    The beliefs behind a Biblical interpretation of the world's creation.

    26m 12s

  • Self-Helpless

    9. Self-Helpless

    Motivational speakers, books, videos and relationship seminars; fire-walking.

    29m 57s

  • ESP

    10. ESP

    Testing an ESP teacher; remote viewing.

    26m 19s

  • Eat This!

    11. Eat This!

    Diet products and claims; organic foods.

    26m 26s

  • Ouija Boards/Near Death Experiences

    12. Ouija Boards/Near Death Experiences

    Physiological explanation of Ouija boards; the truth behind the "tunnel of light."

    26m 45s

  • Environmental Hysteria

    13. Environmental Hysteria

    The truth behind global warming, air quality, water quality and acid rain; Greenpeace.

    29m 33s