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Pinel: au cœur de la maladie mentale

Pinel: au cœur de la maladie mentale

1 Season
QC:  8+
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  • CRAVE ( Fr )
This documentary series takes a look inside the Philippe-Pinel Institute, which welcomes patients who committed violent acts. It follows the daily lives of caregivers and patients who live and work inside this unique establishment. Suffering, psychosis and violence are part of everyone’s lives. The show shines light on the difficult journey of patients who’ve been declared not criminally responsible but who are still dangerous to others. It’s a dive into the darkness and fragility of the human psyche.
Documentary, Health

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • Episode 1

    1. Episode 1

    Inside the Philippe-Pinel institute, security is primordial. Nothing is left to chance. The staff does everything to keep it safe.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 2

    2. Episode 2

    The trust between the staff and the patients is fundamental. One patient’s delirium creates complications and breaks the trust.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 3

    3. Episode 3

    Treatment is the basis of the staff’s work. Without it, it would be impossible to insure the mental stability of the patients.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 4

    4. Episode 4

    Patience is essential for Unit E-2. In a social readaptation and reinsertion, the objective is to improve the patients quality of life.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 5

    5. Episode 5

    The revolving door phenomenon is something that the care personnel often have to deal with. It’s not rare to see a patient being readmitted.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 6

    6. Episode 6

    Communal life can often be hard in Pinel and the patients all have to learn to live with each other.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 7

    7. Episode 7

    The welfare of the patients is very important at Pinel thanks to different activities adapted to treatment procedures.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 8

    8. Episode 8

    The patients’ autonomy is important for the caregivers’ work, since their first objective is reintegrating them into society.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 9

    9. Episode 9

    Social reinsertion is at the heart of treatment and everyone is working together to make it possible.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 10

    10. Episode 10

    Accepting the illness is necessary for the patients to progress and work towards readaptation. The work that the Unit E-2’s team does is...

    22m 22s Fr

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Pinel : au coeur de la maladie mentale | Bande-annonce

Pinel : au coeur de la maladie mentale | Bande-annonce

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