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Pour toujours, plus un jour

Pour toujours, plus un jour

1 Season
QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( Fr )
Chuck has a rare illness and is going to die. He and his girlfriend Delphine decide to take full advantage of the time they have left by doing absolutely everything they want. This dramatic comedy tells the story of two young adults who decide, from one day to the next, to live in the present without thinking about consequences.
Romance, Health, Drama, Teen

  • 14+

  • QC: 13+


  • Episode 1

    1. Episode 1

    Chuck learns that he has only a few months to live. With his girlfriend, he decides to host a party at which he will announce his news.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 2

    2. Episode 2

    Delphine and Chuck revisit their love story’s meaningful places. Mia tries to forget Brian. Benji wants to find Adèle.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 3

    3. Episode 3

    Delphine encourages her boyfriend to put aside any regrets; Karine wants to find out the whole truth about Chuck.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 4

    4. Episode 4

    To prove that he is a risk-taker, Chuck wants to go bungee jumping. To take her mind off things, Mia asks Junior out.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 5

    5. Episode 5

    Making up for lost time, Junior wants the gang to have a special sensory experience, but things don’t go as planned.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 6

    6. Episode 6

    Chuck’s blood pressure drops, causing everyone to panic. Meanwhile, Junior puts his foot in his mouth in talking about Mia.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 7

    7. Episode 7

    Chuck and Delphine do everything they can to get money for Chuck’s new medication.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 8

    8. Episode 8

    A number of tensions need to be addressed in the group. Meanwhile, Benji hopes that a mysterious round bag will help him find Adèle.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 9

    9. Episode 9

    In order to travel, Chuck needs someone to look after his company. Delphine receives an unexpected invitation from an art gallery.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 10

    10. Episode 10

    Delphine and Chuck agree to explore new sexual horizons, while Karine is ready to date again.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 11

    11. Episode 11

    The guys share confidences during a gaming session, while the girls’ day is spoiled by a broken pipe at the restaurant.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 12

    12. Episode 12

    Chuck sees his doctor to find out where his mood swings are coming from. Benji finally knocks on his beloved’s door.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 13

    13. Episode 13

    Chuck faces a fundamental issue. Everyone is looking for Benji, who is with Adèle. Mia learns the truth.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 14

    14. Episode 14

    Chuck and Delphine have to deal with the fact that they are leaving on their travels, even if people close to them still need their advice.

    22m 22s Fr

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