Pour toujours, plus un jour
Pour toujours, plus un jour

Pour toujours, plus un jour

1 Season
QC: 13+
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Chuck has a rare illness and is going to die. He and his girlfriend Delphine decide to take full advantage of the time they have left by doing absolutely everything they want. This dramatic comedy tells the story of two young adults who decide, from one day to the next, to live in the present without thinking about consequences.
Health, Teen, Drama, Romance


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • Marie-Claude Blouin
  • Producers

    • Vicky Bounadère
    • Marie-Claude Blouin
    • Félix Tétreault
    • Patrick Martin
    • Marie-Christine Lavoie
  • Cast

    • Catherine Brunet
    • Pier-Luc Funk
    • Karl-Antoine Suprice
    • Isabelle Brouillette
    • Rémi Goulet
    • Victoria Diamond
    • Steve Laplante
  • Writers

    • Guillaume Girard
    • Kristine Metz
    • Patrick Dupuis
    • Érika Soucy
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