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Raising Tourette's

Raising Tourette's

1 Season
QC:  8+
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For teens and their parents, the start of a new school year is fraught with emotions and challenges. Will they make a sports team? Will they make new friends? Will they be asked to a school dance? Every one of these questions is compounded if your child has Tourettes.
Documentary, Health

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • No More Hiding

    1. No More Hiding

    High-school senior Kristin, and her mother Rebekah, brace for homecoming, keeping past traumatic experiences in mind.

    41m 8s Fr

  • Pushing Boundaries

    2. Pushing Boundaries

    When Sam just wants to be normal, his family questions what's really going on inside.

    39m 58s Fr

  • The Ties That Bind

    3. The Ties That Bind

    As Colton gets ready for his big night out, his hitting tick has his family on edge. Just as her mom steps back, Charlie collapses.

    39m 18s Fr

  • Do It Yourself

    4. Do It Yourself

    As Kristin revs up for the next chapter in her life, her mom gets anxious. After collapsing in the park, Charlie, and her mom seek answer.

    39m 38s Fr

  • Finding Courage

    5. Finding Courage

    As Kristin faces her worst nightmare, Sam prepares to open up publicly about his Tourette's. Meanwhile, Kaden breaks down on a school trip.

    40m 14s Fr

  • Celebration

    6. Celebration

    Kristin gears up for graduation; Kaden tunes up his cello for the big performance; Charlee finds a reprieve from her ticks on stage.

    40m 18s Fr