2 Seasons
14+, L, S, M
QC: 13+
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Ramy Hassan is a first-generation Egyptian-American who is on a spiritual journey in his politically divided New Jersey neighborhood. He becomes caught between a Muslim community that thinks life is a moral test and a millennial generation that believes life has no consequences. Through it all, he's still trying to do the things that most 20-somethings do, like date. He is essentially a guy who is torn between praying on Fridays and going to parties on Friday nights. Which side will win out in this seemingly endless internal battle?
Drama, Comedy


Maturity Rating

  • Cast

    • Ramy Youssef
    • Mohammed Amer
    • Hiam Abbass
    • Amr Waked
    • May Calamawy
    • David Merheje
    • Laith Nakli
    • Steve Way
    • Mahershala Ali
  • Executive Producers

    • Ramy Youssef
    • Jerrod Carmichael
    • Ravi Nandan
    • Bridget Bedard
    • Ari Katcher
    • Ryan Welch
  • Creator

    • Ramy Youssef
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