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4 Seasons
QC:  13+
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The story of Mary Queen of Scots’ rise when she arrives in France at 15, with her three best friends and betrothed to Prince Francis. The secret history of survival at French Court amidst fierce foes, dark forces, and a world of sexual intrigue.
Drama, History

  • 14+
  • Violence
  • Sex
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Violence
  • Sexualité
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Pilot

    1. Pilot

    Teenage Mary Stuart arrives in France to formalize her arranged engagement to Prince Francis.

    42m 12s EnFr

  • Snakes in the Garden

    2. Snakes in the Garden

    Queen Catherine tries to silence those who know about her plot.

    41m 49s EnFr

  • Kissed

    3. Kissed

    Mary asks King Henry for help when Scotland's borders are threatened.

    41m 58s EnFr

  • Hearts and Minds

    4. Hearts and Minds

    Mary must decide if she's willing to lie, causing a mans death, just so she can avoid being married.

    40m 49s EnFr

  • A Chill in the Air

    5. A Chill in the Air

    One of Francis' former lovers arrives at the castle; Aylee is blackmailed into spying on Mary.

    41m 10s EnFr

  • Chosen

    6. Chosen

    An attempt at scaring Mary causes Queen Catherine to take drastic measures.

    40m 4s EnFr

  • Left Behind

    7. Left Behind

    Francis and Mary must rely on each other when the castle is taken hostage.

    41m 40s EnFr

  • Fated

    8. Fated

    A prophecy causes Mary to make a decision that changes her relationship with Francis.

    41m 59s EnFr

  • For King and Country

    9. For King and Country

    Bash and Mary are captured; Catherine becomes even more determined to destroy Mary.

    41m 26s EnFr

  • Sacrifice

    10. Sacrifice

    Queen Catherine comes under suspicion when a plot to murder Bash goes awry.

    40m 58s EnFr

  • Inquisition

    11. Inquisition

    Queen Catherine is accused of adultery and treason; the truth about the castle ghost is revealed.

    41m 59s EnFr

  • Royal Blood

    12. Royal Blood

    Mary and Bash try to help when the younger children of Queen Catherine and King Henry are kidnapped.

    41m 8s EnFr

  • The Consummation

    13. The Consummation

    Mary must consider her nation and her heart as a forced marriage looms.

    41m 39s EnFr

  • Dirty Laundry

    14. Dirty Laundry

    Mary comes back from her honeymoon suspicious of Lola's unusual behavior.

    40m 24s EnFr

  • The Darkness

    15. The Darkness

    Kenna fears for her safety after another violent incident with King Henry.

    41m 29s EnFr

  • Monsters

    16. Monsters

    Francis reluctantly helps Bash uncover the threat in the woods, resulting in a dangerous situation.

    41m 42s EnFr

  • Liege Lord

    17. Liege Lord

    Mary discovers that her mother orchestrated a secret clause in her marriage contract.

    41m 26s EnFr

  • No Exit

    18. No Exit

    Mary's brother wants her to return to Scotland; Lola is suspicious of Lord Julien's motives.

    42m 0s EnFr

  • Toy Soldiers

    19. Toy Soldiers

    Mary's uncle delivers bad news about her mother; Bash and Kenna begin to trust each other.

    39m 54s EnFr

  • Higher Ground

    20. Higher Ground

    Mary seeks a mercenary's help and comes to a realization; Francis finds a new ally.

    41m 55s EnFr

  • Long Live the King

    21. Long Live the King

    Catherine and Mary form an uneasy alliance as they decide how to deal with King Henry.

    41m 54s EnFr

  • Slaughter of Innocence

    22. Slaughter of Innocence

    Francis and Mary take action as the king's madness reaches a fevered pitch.

    41m 26s EnFr