Restoration Garage
Restoration Garage

Restoration Garage

2 Seasons
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In a multibillion dollar industry, the Guild of Automotive Restorers tries to get a piece of the pie by completing any task put before it. Through preservation, restoration and selling some of the world's greatest cars, the team at the Guild has gained an internationally acknowledged reputation. Owner David Granger and his crew turn rust into gold, whether a rare vintage Lancia comes in for a complete rebuild or a classic Chevy needs some "go faster" stripes. Through it all, Granger and his crew face shop-floor drama, gas-fueled egos and millions at stake.
Automobile, Reality


Maturity Rating

  • Directors

    • Stephan Peterson
    • David Shohet
    • Joe Weicha
  • Producer

    • Nicola Merola
  • Cast

    • David Grainger