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Sabrina: The Animated Series

Sabrina: The Animated Series

2 Seasons
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In the little town of Greendale lives Sabrina Spellman, a cute twelve year-old with a big heart and an even bigger secret. Sabrina is half mortal and half witch!
Adventure, Kids, Animation, Fantasy

  • C8


  • The Most Dangerous Witch

    1. The Most Dangerous Witch

    Tim the Witchsmeller is a disgruntled half witch who can perform no magic, and boy is he bitter.

    22m 54s

  • You said a Mouse-ful

    2. You said a Mouse-ful

    Salem eats Sabrina’s prize mouse for her science fair exhibit.

    22m 50s

  • Boogie Shoes

    3. Boogie Shoes

    Sabrina is psyched about school dance and can’t understand why Harvey doesn’t want to go. She learns that Harvey can’t dance!

    22m 54s

  • A Tail of Two Kitties

    4. A Tail of Two Kitties

    Salem falls for a fellow feline. He learns that she is a kitty-witch as well. They fall in love and want to run off together.

    22m 54s

  • The Senses-Shattering Adventures of Captain Harvtastic

    5. The Senses-Shattering Adventures of Captain Harvtastic

    Harvey lacks the courage to show his comic book to the great comic book creator, King Kirby.

    22m 55s

  • Picture Perfect

    6. Picture Perfect

    The Student of the Year winner will be announced soon and Sabrina and Gem are tied to win.

    22m 57s

  • Field Trippin

    7. Field Trippin

    Sabrina, desperate to earn money for an upcoming concert, baby sits the terror twins.

    22m 55s

  • No Time to Be A Hero

    8. No Time to Be A Hero

    Harvey mistakenly thanks Sabrina for saving his life. She feels bad for the unearned praise she is getting.

    22m 55s

  • Extreme Harvey

    9. Extreme Harvey

    Determined to make Harvey happy, Sabrina dabbles in the spooky jar to make him the raddest skateboarder since Tony Hawk.

    22m 54s

  • Shrink to Fit

    10. Shrink to Fit

    Sabrina and Chloe try to compete with Gem by fitting into the latest fad jeans.

    22m 55s

  • Nothin’ Says Lovin’ like Somethin’ from a Coven

    11. Nothin’ Says Lovin’ like Somethin’ from a Coven

    After being dissed from Gem’s Halloween party, Sabrina throws a Halloween party of her own.

    22m 54s

  • Wag the Witch

    12. Wag the Witch

    Sabrina competes with Gem for office of Class President. They play dirty until Gem accuses her of being weird.

    22m 53s

  • Witchy Grrrls

    13. Witchy Grrrls

    Sabrina’s band, the Flavor Babes, use a little magic to launch their careers.

    22m 53s

  • Para-Normal Pi

    14. Para-Normal Pi

    When Pi sees Sabrina’s Uncle Zamboni flying through the air he is convinced there are paranormal rumblings in Greendale.

    22m 54s

  • Anywhere But Here

    15. Anywhere But Here

    Sabrina is tired of the restrictions that come with being a kid. She casts a spell that catapults into adulthood.

    22m 54s

  • Documagicary

    16. Documagicary

    Sabrina ends up in a new docu-series called, "That Witch" which becomes an overnight sensation!

    22m 54s

  • The Grand Parent Trap

    17. The Grand Parent Trap

    When Sabrina hears that her Grandparents are coming for visit she is excited. They have an important announcement to make.

    22m 54s

  • I Got Glue Babe

    18. I Got Glue Babe

    Everyone is fed up with Sabrina and Gem’s constant rivalry. Sabrina casts a spell to make Gem and herself closer.

    21m 41s

  • Boy Meets Bike

    19. Boy Meets Bike

    Sabrina makes a dream-bike for Harvey, so he can beat the bully Slugloaf. Unfortunately the bike, Sheba, takes on a life of it’s own.

    22m 54s

  • Upside Down Town

    20. Upside Down Town

    Sabrina uses a little dash of mojo to win a bake off contest against Gem.

    22m 54s

  • Stage Fright

    21. Stage Fright

    Sabrina needs a little lesson in true love for her Shakespeare play. While Zelda just needs a date.

    22m 55s

  • My Stepmother the Babe

    22. My Stepmother the Babe

    Sabrina is excited when her father drops in for a visit. She’s disappointed to find that her father has brought his fiancée.

    22m 54s

  • This is Your Nine Lives

    23. This is Your Nine Lives

    It’s Salem’s birthday and he’s used to getting the lavish gifts.

    22m 54s

  • Hex-Change Students

    24. Hex-Change Students

    Gem hosts two exchange students to be cool. Instead of the real foreigners, Dawson and Felicity, show up instead.

    22m 54s

  • Saturday Night Furor

    25. Saturday Night Furor

    Uncle Quigley decides to reinstate Family Fun Night on Saturdays evenings!

    22m 54s

  • The Hex Files

    26. The Hex Files

    Sabrina is excited to visit Uncle Quigley in his lab while taking a field trip to the observatory.

    22m 55s

  • Stone Broke

    27. Stone Broke

    Gem’s family has suddenly gone bankrupt and she is forced to stay with Sabrina.

    22m 55s

  • Molar Molar

    28. Molar Molar

    It’s time for Sabrina’s wisdom teeth to come out.

    22m 54s

  • Harvzilla

    29. Harvzilla

    When Harvey can’t make the wrestling team, Sabrina uses Dragon Spray to help him. The stuff actually works, making Harvey a star wrestler.

    22m 54s

  • When in Rome….

    30. When in Rome….

    Gem and Sabrina are teamed up to work on a book report.

    22m 54s

  • Field of Screams

    31. Field of Screams

    Sabrina’s baseball team is on a major losing streak and Gem is there to point it out. Sabrina conjures up the perfect team.

    22m 54s

  • Driver Ed

    32. Driver Ed

    When it seems like Hilda isn’t going to pass a test for her mortal driver’s license, Sabrina conjures up a cute driving instructor.

    22m 54s

  • Send in the Clones

    33. Send in the Clones

    Sabrina goes hog wild at the Greendale JR. High Extracurricular Activities Faire.

    22m 54s

  • Feats of Clay

    34. Feats of Clay

    Harvey becomes obsessed with new martial arts action hero, Devin Degaulle.

    22m 54s

  • Board & Sorcery

    35. Board & Sorcery

    The Spellman’s take a trip to the mountains.

    22m 54s

  • The Generation Zap

    36. The Generation Zap

    Enchantra comes to town for her Annual Witch Evaluation test. She finds Sabrina’s progress unsatisfactory.

    22m 54s

  • Enchanted Vacation

    37. Enchanted Vacation

    It’s summer vacation. So many places to see…But Hilda wants the gang to go on an Adventure Tour in the Netherworld.

    22m 54s

  • Xabrina Warrior Witch

    38. Xabrina Warrior Witch

    Harvey is recruited to test a prototype of a new virtual reality game.

    22m 54s

  • Straight Outta Paris

    39. Straight Outta Paris

    While visiting France, Sabrina accidentally changes the Eiffel tower into a person. This causes a major uproar in France.

    22m 54s

  • Strange New World

    40. Strange New World

    Sabrina is on the fast track to losing the Science Fair. She decides to get a little help by conjuring up a young Thomas Edison.

    22m 54s

  • Witchery Science Theatre

    41. Witchery Science Theatre

    After Sabrina gets a bad haircut she is ashamed to be seen. She convinces Chloe and Harvey to go to the movies with her so she can hide.

    22m 54s

  • You’ve Got a Friend

    42. You’ve Got a Friend

    Harvey’s favorite show, Billy-Go-Boom-Boom has been cancelled. He begins to freak out because everything is changing.

    22m 54s

  • Hexcalibur

    43. Hexcalibur

    Sabrina needs help on a term paper. She sneaks into Zelda’s prize possessions to look at a journal written by the Wizard, Merlin.

    22m 54s

  • Brina Baby

    44. Brina Baby

    Sabrina’s abuses her magic one too may times and Quigley is not pleased. He warns her of the consequences of goofing off.

    22m 54s

  • Witchwrecked

    45. Witchwrecked

    It is field trip time as Sabrina’s class heads toward Monument Island where an important statue is kept.

    21m 40s

  • Fish Schtick

    46. Fish Schtick

    Sabrina is determined to be the best swimmer in order to get Harvey’s attention back from another swimming beauty.

    22m 54s

  • Working Witches

    47. Working Witches

    Hilda and Zelda want a car, and need some cash fast! Quigley explains that they need to get a good old-fashioned job.

    22m 54s

  • A Witchmas Carole

    48. A Witchmas Carole

    It’s Christmas time and Gem’s selfish antics are driving everyone mad! Sabrina and her family conspire to show her the error of her ways.

    22m 54s

  • Wiccan of the Sea

    49. Wiccan of the Sea

    Sabrina is just sick of the winter weather. She, Chloe and Salem would give anything for one hour at the beach.

    22m 54s

  • Key to My Heart

    50. Key to My Heart

    Sabrina has a crush on Dave, her new piano instructor. She is devastated when she learns that he already has a lady in his life.

    22m 54s

  • La Femme Sabrina

    51. La Femme Sabrina

    Sabrina uses her magic to conjure up an advance copy of the latest Spy flick to make Harvey happy.

    21m 40s

  • The Bat Pack

    52. The Bat Pack

    Hilda’s is not pleased when her old vampire buddies, The Bat Pack, swoop into town for a visit.

    22m 54s