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Featuring exclusive interviews, Sidelines takes a look at celebrities and their side business ventures.

  • PG

  • 8+


  • Restaurants

    1. Restaurants

    Robert DeNiro discusses his Nobu empire. Musicians James Blunt and Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol) explain their ventures.

    23m 26s En

  • Coffee

    2. Coffee

    Fitness guru Jillian Michaels’ cold-brew coffee investment and how singer Jason Mraz became a coffee farmer.

    23m 52s En

  • Cannabis

    3. Cannabis

    KISS frontman Gene Simmons’ big bet on cannabis. Country stars Willie Nelson and Margo Price make moves in marijuana.

    22m 50s En

  • Sports Teams

    4. Sports Teams

    Rap legend Ice Cube on his BIG3 league. NBA veteran Tony Parker explains how he became a team owner.

    23m 11s En

  • Alcohol

    5. Alcohol

    Acting legend Dan Aykroyd discusses his vodka business. Plus, singer/actor Josh Groban’s passion for winemaking.

    23m 46s En

  • Athleisure

    6. Athleisure

    Racing pioneer Danica Patrick explains her clothing line. Former NBA great Amar’e Stoudmire talks fashion.

    23m 39s En

  • Social Entrepreneurs

    7. Social Entrepreneurs

    Stories of social entrepreneurship from Ashley Judd and Djimon Hounsou. Foster The People share how they empower others to create change.

    23m 32s En

  • Science

    8. Science

    Alan Alda shares his commitment to advancing science and Bill Nye’s career pivot from engineer into a science empire.

    23m 41s En

  • Hobbies into Businesses

    9. Hobbies into Businesses

    Actor Jay Baruchel turns his love of comic books into running a comic book company.

    23m 51s En

  • Novels and books

    10. Novels and books

    Chelsea Clinton continues to expand her line of children’s books, Amber Tamblyn pushes the #MeToo Movement forward with her latest book.

    23m 43s En

  • NBA scores with Tech

    11. NBA scores with Tech

    Steph Curry invests in a tech travel disruptor, Kevin Durant makes savvy moves into Silicon Valley start-ups.

    23m 51s En

  • The Celebrity Chef

    12. The Celebrity Chef

    We take a look at the rise of Bobby Flay and Chuck Hughes into the spotlight and their booming empires.

    23m 36s En