Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

6 Seasons
14+, L, S, M
QC: 13+
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Partially inspired by co-creator Mike Judge's experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer in the 1980s, this comedy series follows the misadventures of introverted computer programmer Richard and his brainy friends as they attempt to strike it rich in a high-tech gold rush. They live together in a Bay Area startup incubator loosely run by self-satisfied dot-com millionaire Erlich, who lets them stay in his house rent-free in exchange for a stake in the projects they invent there. But when Richard develops a powerful search algorithm at his day job, he finds himself caught in the middle of a bidding war between his boss -- whose firm offers Richard an eight-figure buyout -- and a deep-pocketed venture capitalist.


Maturity Rating

  • Directors

    • Mike Judge
    • Jamie Babbit
    • Gillian Robespierre
    • Alec Berg
    • Tim Roche
  • Producers

    • Adam Countee
    • Chrisann Verges
  • Cast

    • Thomas Middleditch
    • T.J. Miller
    • Zach Woods
    • Kumail Nanjiani
    • Martin Starr
    • Josh Brener
    • Amanda Crew
    • Matt Ross
    • Jimmy O. Yang
    • Suzanne Cryer
  • Writers

    • Ron Weiner
    • Mike Judge
    • Carson Mell
    • Carrie Kemper
    • Josh Lieb
    • Anthony King
    • Graham Wagner
    • Clay Tarver
    • Alec Berg
    • Meghan Pleticha
    • Adam Countee
    • Shawn Boxe
    • Andrew Law
    • Rachele Lynn
    • Chris Provenzano
    • Dan O'Keefe
  • Executive Producers

    • Mike Judge
    • John Altschuler
    • Alec Berg
    • Dave Krinsky
    • Michael Rotenberg
    • Tom Lassally
  • Creators

    • John Altschuler
    • Mike Judge
    • Dave Krinsky
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